CCI Blazer Brass S&W.40

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    Place up the street has a smokin' deal on Blazer .40 1000rds for $299. I have never shot it. I have shot the aluminum in .45.

    Opinions? Experiences? 4095 and the Glocks eat .40's. :p
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    My guess is that if the .40 works as well as the .45 has in my 1911 and G21, then you should jump all over it.

    You're getting plinking ammo, so you don't need match-grade performance.

  3. That is 15 bucks a box of 50, not bad considering the cases are re loadable. If you are not I would go for the aluminum case. I have never had any problems with blazer ammo.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Wolf, the 9, and 40 Federal I love. Hard to find lately. I usually can get the .45. I don't shoot the JHP as much as I did. CCI aluminum is scarce too.
  5. Since I started shooting again in late 2011, most of what I've used is Blazer Brass. Not to be confuse with Blazer nor CCI Brass.

    I've put more than 5500 rounds of Blazer Brass 40cal through my M&P40 (combination of 165gr and 180gr). Never had a failure or any type.

    I've also put about 600 rounds of Blazer Brass 115gr 9mm though my 995TS. Again no failures.

    I can't say the same for any other ammo I've used except for Mini-Mags (5800 rounds of that through a Walther P22 which supposedly will fail on everything). I think in total I've put more than 13,000 rounds down range since Dec 2011.

    I'll happily spend more for Blazer Brass than other ammo. I wish I could get .22 under Blazer Brass but I guess. Mini-Mag already covers that segment.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    CCI Mini Mags are hard to come by! A guy on another site back ordered 5000rds from Midway in December of 2013, they shipped last week! :eek:
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    I have shot a number of aluminum cased .40 S&W, both Blazer and Federal. I have never had an issue, and it seems to burn nice and clean. Accuracy? Normal.