CCW Class Preparedness?

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  1. I'm taking the CCW class next weekend, and all I can find about the qualification part is that you have to shoot at 3, 5, and 7 yards. But as far as accuracy. Is this enough? This was 8 rounds at each range.
    Anyone in NC can you tell me what all you had to do for CCW?
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    Basically, the instructor wants to know you can handle your firearm proficiently. Thats what my instructor said.

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    ^^what el guapo said-It's not timed or anything, but accuracy is needed, part of the state requirement for "proficiency". I'm pretty sure my instructor said that state law requires him to keep the qual targets, basically as proof of proficiency in case of future need. He also told us if we ever decided to carry a different pistol, call him, he would re-qual us with the different pistol so there would be no questions as to whether we were "proficient" according to state standards.
    Any NC instructors here to verify this for me?
  4. Basically, what both these guys have said, it's all about proficiency with your chosen carry weapon.

    As far as your accuracy, that's more than good enough to qualify. In my class, the qualify target was an 8x11 sheet of white printer paper. If you hold a sheet of paper over your chest area, it's almost the exact size of the chest/vital area. Hope this helps.
  5. For my class it just had to be about 90% CoM hits and it was fine.
  6. Thanks for the comments guys, I didn't think I would have a problem with the accuracy part, although it could use a little improvement, but thought I'd get a few opinions just in case. All 24 rounds on 8.5x11 paper, mostly bullseye. This was with my RIA 1911 if anyone's wondering.
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    show up, listen take the test, and keep it in the circle and on the should be good.
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    Just took my CCW in Oregon which was also good for Utah. Did not have to show proficiency, just that we could safely shoot towards a target and not each other!
  9. So.... You can only carry the gun you qualify with? And if you wanna carry a different one, you have to take another test?
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    I have heard of some CCWs only being good for they type of gun, revolver vs Semi-auto, but not the individual weapon.
  11. My instructor didn't mention anything about the qual being tied to any type of pistol or the individual one. He just said "do you have something to qualify with". I'm taking the course this weekend shooting my smith 686.

    Does anybody have/know where to find those targets/ that chart that tells you what you're doing wrong if you are hitting in a particular area of the target? I'm a lefty and tend to hit just a tad down and right at 10 yards.
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    I'm taking the CCW class this Saturday, too. Taking it with my brother, in fact (meaning it will turn into a competition). Neil is bringing his .380 Hi-Point. I'm undecided on taking my C-9 or my 1911.

    This class was supposed to have been held 5 weeks ago. It's been rescheduled twice do to ice storm and snow storm. The weather obviously has a political agenda.
  13. That's must be one of those state by state things. In MN you just have to qual. several people in my class took it with revolvers because they hadn't picked up their XD's and Sig's yet
  14. I want to buy a 1911 next!!! A good freind of mine has a Rocky mountain armory 1911 .45 that I got to shoot last week. It became my favorite gun real quick. It just seemed to have natural control. My bud put a trigger kit in it so it pulls with a gentel breeze!!!
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    This what you are looking for:
  16. thanks carbin8r. I'm not totally sure I understand what he means as far as which way you would mirror it for lefties. I'm hitting around the 5 oclock position when I shoot it usually.
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    So, for lefties you fip the zones horizontally.

    5 O'clock for you would be "Tightenting grip while pulling trigger".

    I have also read that pulling the trigger from the wron point on your finger can cause this...trigger being at/near first joint rather than finger tip can cause a slight pull to the side instead of straight back, causing the shift.

    I am fairly new to all this and working on improving my technique still and am sure others can describe this much better than I.

    Found this, which discusses techniques:
  18. 5 O'clock is already tightening grip while pulling trigger. :confused
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    Jumping between myself back-asswords with the regions...

    5 0'Clock for you would be Tightening Fingers or Jerking...depends on the specific spot.

    "pushing" to the side can be from trigger squeeze technique.

    shooting low can be due to anticipating recoil.
  20. thats what I figured, just making sure. Thanks.