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    well my b-in-law and i are going the 15th for our ccw course. im starting to look forward to it. i cant wait. i have three choices i can use. my c9, my rossi 38 spl or my s&w 22a 22. the 38 would be the easiest because the ease of cleaning. but its not as accuate. the hi-point would be good because i have practiced with it alot here lately. the 22a has no sights. it has a red dot on it but it is a tack driver at 21 ft. but any who i am just wondering what you all used to take your course with?
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    for my CHL class a caliber in 380 or larger was required so that may rule out your .22

    also if you shot w/ a wheelgun you'd only be allowed to carry revolvers w/ the license.

    sounds like the C9 may be your only choice if you plan to carry a semi.
    The C9 is what I tested w/ and it performed flawlessly.

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    in sc nothing smaller than 22, go with the cheapest to shoot. I did not have a choice, because all i had at the time was a .380
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    If you can, take what you plan on carrying.
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    i am going to buy a ruger p90 from a friend i work with. i just will not have the cash before i go to my course. he is selling it to me for 350. only fired 20 rnds through it. but i think i will use the hi-point for the course just because i like the "cheap gun" and i have gotten so good at my groups with it. heck i would almost like to just carry it. i could use the $350 and buy a couple more hi-points even. :idea:
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    I just took my AZ CCw course this past Sat. I qualified with my wifes Bersa T380. Here you have to shoot 5 shots at 10 yds and 5 at 5 yds and hit the black. I stayed after the course with the 2 instructors on the range to do some gun exchange shooting. I must have shot 20 different firearms they had. I also did the same qual. simulation with my S&W MP40 and realized I should have used that. I shot better with the MP, I guess it was because of the more than 6000 rounds I have through it. I also have a FL non resident permit and will be going next month some time to get a Utah non res. permit so I will be able to carry in just about any state that allows concealed carry. Yeehaw!!!
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    hey Xtreme, how did your class go? I gotta love AZ. I recieved my permit this morning in the mail. That makes it 9 days from the day I sent it in. :D Delivery confirmation sait they recieved it thursday 13, so 6 days including weekend from when they recived paper work til I had permit in my hands. I hope it goes as smooth for you.
  8. I bought a pt 92 to use to qualify because of the reliable design and 5" barrel plus the ammo is cheaper than my 40S&W. I would use the C9 if you are holding good groups with it.
  9. Y'all need to move to Tennessee. Here, with a carry permit, you can carry as many handguns as you own. Also, you can carry open or concealed.

    Redneck heaven :!:
  10. Take the HiPoint if that is the weapon you have practiced with alot. Then after your course you can practice what you know with the others? From there you can chose what you're going to carry. I don't know.........take 'em ALL!!!!!!!
    (Do some courses only allow certain weapons for class?)

    I took my C9 for my course and had no problem. One guy asked me if I was using a .45 because it sounded like one he said.
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    Sambo, I took my CCW course last weekend and I also had someone ask me if my C9 was a .45 because of the sound...

    Even got the instructor to shoot my C9, since he said he had never shot a Hi-Point.
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    sorry guys i forgot i had posted this lol. i wasnt able to go. i got signed up for the next class. hopefully next month. kids had a big easter egg hunt last weekend that i had let slip my mind. they are only little once and i thought hey whats another couple months of waiting on my ccw. but yeah i decided that i am going to use the c9 for the class. its a good shooter and the 9mm ammo is alot cheaper than 45s.