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  1. I'm looking at getting my CCW. Living in NY, I have heard that more often than not they issue "hunting and premises" permits instead, which I find to be bullcrap. Anyone who has a CCW in NY, what would be the best reasoning to put on my application to ensure a CCW permit being issued? I need to sound non-threatening, but with obvious concerns for safety. I've been confronted by coyotes on more than one occasion while hiking (outside hunting season), would that be enough of a reason? I'm not beyond a bit of embelishment on my "just cause."
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    Here you go, this link should give you all the info you need. Depending on where you live in the NY State, you could out of luck all together. If you are in the City of NY, you might just as well carry a big stick, cause they ain't goin to give you a CC Licence at all.

  3. I'm upstate in Herkimer County. The county covers a fair bit of the Adirondacks, so it may be somewhat sympathetic to firearms, hopefully anyway. Thanks for the link.
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    I am in Putnam County and what I had to do was request a hearing before the judge. The judge will ask you why and all you have to say is that it is your second amendment right. Also, you feel safer having it on you. You carry large amounts of cash or you work late hours or in different areas. Don't lie to him tell him the truth what ever pertains to you. In putnam you have to request it. In Dutchess County everyone automatically gets it. It all depends if the judge elected in your area is pro-gun or not and if you are responsible enough to have it.