CCW Opportunity

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    Well being it's in a gun gree state we'd be in hot water for shooting these poor defenceless wayward children. Anywhere else momma and poppa would be burying the punks :wink:

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    They were at a stop light! which means the car was running and in gear! how the hell did they get in more than even 1 hit on the vehicle much less hit the passengers?

    a lexus is a hell of a lot faster than a kid on a skateboard and about x1000 times deadlier if your struck w/ one.

    Sucks for the victims but the driver should have had more sense.

    on the topic, always keep your vehicle in drive at ATM's I was 'held-up' about 5yrs ago by a punk w/ a 2x4, luckily his board didnt command the respect my truck did.

    "give me all the money in your account or ill break this window and beat the &$^# out of you" [while standing in front of my truck]

    I hit the gas and brake causing the truck to jump "tell you what, you start running"
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    I do not care if they are teenagers; you cannot attack people, and if you attack people you are taking the risk that you will be attacked back. I always will look in the favor of the person defending themselves or their property.

    "Take all the rope in [California] find a tall old tree. Gather up them bad boys And string 'em high in the street; for the people to see."

    video is dumb but I like the song.
  4. I would have took off and ran over however many got in my way. They want to play, sometimes they got to pay.
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    z71, I was thinking the same thing.