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I have been looking at pistols lately, knowing that I am going to be purchasing my shotgun here very shortly and following it up with a pistol purchase. I have finally decided to get my CCW Permit and have been window shopping, I have been shopping for a long time actually.

My issue is trying to decide on what pistol and caliber to go with in a personal defense weapon. Of course you have some basic guidelines but I just can't seem to settle on what to get. I have a few things in mind and would just like to hear some other thoughts on my situation.

One major thing I must take into consideration is my build, I am 6'0" and about 160lbs, I am not small but I am not huge either. More specifically about my build are my hands, they are tiny, not freakishly tiny but tiny. My ring size is 6, average male is 11.5..only reason I know this is my wedding band had to be custom made so it would fit! Now what does this mean? It means I have problems manipulating the controls on a lot of pistols. Glocks are completely out of the picture, my father has 4 and even on his CCW compact I can't reach the mag release with my thumb without twisting the firearm.

I would love to purchase a 1911 but I am afraid it wouldn't be the best fit for me, so I have narrowed my search down to 3 pistols.

1) Smith & Wesson M&P .40
I like this choice because of its replaceable palm swells. But I would be concerned for my followup shot ability with a .40 due to my size.

2) Springfield XD .40
This firearm seems to be very comfortable in my hands, almost as nice as the M&P

However with the two above choices I worry about the profile of the weapon and their ability to be concealed.

3) F&N Five-Seven
Almost zero recoil, extremely quick round, and supposedly extremely deadly. 20+1 rounds.


Now a huge question on the 3rd option, terminal performance. This weapon, more specifically the 5.7x28mm round, is very HOT when it comes to debate over its terminal performance. I have looked and looked and looked and looked and can't seem to find SOLID evidence for or against its ability as a self defense weapon.

I have read reports about how the 5.7x28mm is a very lethal round and is extremely effective at eliminating threats. Yet I have read what seems just as many reports saying it is worthless as an SD round and shouldn't be used for it.

But when it comes down to it I can't find any hard data, terminal performance charts and such. The only "data" I find is the muzzle velocity and bullet weight.

DOES anyone on here have reliable hard fact information about this round? I would LOVE it. I can't seem to find anything that helps me!!!

So for the current CCW holders, which firearm do you use and why..what made it stand out to you.
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