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  1. jwright

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    Just curious what peoples thoughts are on whether or not prior military should be required to attend the ccw class required to get a ccw permit. I guess my thoughts are the traing they get in the military should be more then enough to qualify them to carry.
  2. bigjohn56

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    If I recall correctly, prior military training, as well as some other training courses, allow a person to only need an 8 hour course rather than 16 hours in Illinois.

    The training received in the military would not have covered topics specific to Illinois law and part of the idea is to educate the license holder as to what Illinois law provides.

  3. mn_doggie

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    I have gone shooting with multiple people who were in different branches of the military.

    Some, particularily those in the Army and Marines, were very competent in using firearms.

    One friend, who was a firearm user before he went into the Navy said their training consisted firing two .22 cal shots thru a pistol.

    A niece of mine (and her husband) are both Air Force pilots. They both graduated from the AF Academy a couple of years ago.

    Neither received much training in handling firearms and zero training on use of deadly force in a self defense situation. It showed big time when she visited a couple of years ago just after graduating and we went to the range.
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    Lol. You want to know what you have to do to get a permit in Alabama? You fill this out, take it to the sheriffs office and wait for them to complete a background check ( about 30 days ). You then pay $10 a year. That is it.

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    Okla only requires you to take the classroom portion if you can provide the correct document showing you have had handgun training while in the military.
  6. cicpup

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    What are you talking about? Class for a what?
  7. ArmyScout

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    I think it depends on which Military branch they served in and the type and how much firearm training one had. I do not think it should be a blanket deal.
    BigJohn56 is correct. Any former Military can get their ccw with 8 wks of firearm training in IL. There are some other former Civilian occupations also included, don't remember what they are right now ..... All others must take 16 wks training. Totallly stupid and unnecessary, but typical IL.
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    In minnesota we have to take a firearm safety class that is usually 5 hours with a little range time on completion you get a certificate to bring to the sherrifs office and they issue or deny you your permit in 30 days
  9. cicpup

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    Sounds like fun. In Vermont you purchase a firearm and then you carry it. But there's a serious restriction. You have to be at least 16 years old.
  10. mn_doggie

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    And that's why your Vermont "permit" is accepted is so many other states....
  11. cicpup

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    Same reason I went and got a New Hampshire non resident permit.
  12. tallbump

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    PA is close, but better

    Take the ap to the sheriff, pay $20, have your permit either on the spot or withing a few days, and it's good for 5 years. No training at all.

    Not as good as constitutional carry, but not bad. And open carry without a permit

    TO answer your questoin, OP, I don't think military or non military should have to take any training-not saying training isn't good But I don't think training should be required to take an advantage of a right. Don't get any training to use free speech, vote, worship, etc...
  13. When I lived in Virginia basic training excepted you from the class.
    In PA there is no class
  14. talon

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    When i was in the Navy, that's not what the training was. We did several days and several hundred rounds, learned to field strip and reassemble. Then once onboard my ship, had yearly recertifications and testing, although that depending on your classification as to just how much requalifying you needed to do.
  15. Outlaw

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    I lean toward basic handgun familiarity and definitely minimal range time. Try going to the pistol range or CCW class and just look around at some of the doofus aholes around you...scary as hell! :eek:

    I think you should have training or qualify to vote. Training like; 1. being able to read and pass a test. 2. documented proof your an American citizen. 3. No job for more than 6 months, no vote. 4. On welfare? no vote.
    I realize the "on welfare, no vote" is a sticky one. However, if the current administration pushes unlimited welfare without documented job hunting, more money for more babies, etc..then hell no, no voting. That would be like voting for your dad instead of your neighbors dad because after all, your dad gives you an allowance and your neighbors dad don't believe in it. Hince the "O" administration. This handout crap is killing the country.

    Probably opened a can of worms with that one. oh well :rolleyes:
  16. mn_doggie

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    It really does depend upon the branch and classification. I've been at the range and there were several other AF people who said that they had spent a fair amount of time in firearms training. Ther were very good.

    My niece and her husband still haven't had to do a lot of required training. He has done a lot more shooting (on his own time) and they do have the civilian version of the Beretta 9mm that they are issued when they get deployed. They are stationed SE of Atlanta. He has a GA carry permit.

    I guess my point in this whole matter is that just being in the military doesn't necessarily mean a person has any firearms proficency.

    NOR does taking a carry class in many states always give a person much of an advantage, either.
  17. As long as he open carries it is accepted in NC, and a lot of other OC states that do not require a permit. His permit is also accepted in Arizona, and about 5 other states.
  18. mn_doggie

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    But those states that require training, 21 year old minimum age, etc are off limits unless he gets (as he did) a non resident permit from another state.
  19. And then not all states recognize all other states permits. NC recognizes them all for concealed carry, but I don't believe NC has a out of state permit. And not sure if NC permit is recognized in all states, probably not.