CCW saves store clerk. Guns banned from store afterwards

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by bscar, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. bscar

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    Conceal carry holder stops a robbery in progress and holds the suspect until police arrive. Manager is taken to the hospital due to stab wounds. Manager decides to ban firearms from the store when she recovers.
    Guess she would have rather died from her stab wounds than to be saved by a civilian with a gun.
  2. Bull

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    Good gravy!!! I don't understand the reasoning of these businesses.... I'm at a loss for words.

  3. Maybe. She should ban knifes too....;)
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    The clerk/manager didn't decide that. The corporate lawyers and bean counters did. It's cheaper for them to replace dead clerk/managers than to fight lawsuits.:rolleyes:
  5. Bull

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    That'd sure maker feel good as an employee... Yeah we know a guy saved you from being killed without firing a shot..... But we don't feel it's in the best interests of the franchise to allow that anymore...
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    Nope, all you can do is kill it before it breeds.
  7. bscar

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    Or allow it to die at the hands of a criminal
  8. This is the NEW America that "We the people" have let it grow into, no American Flags in public places, No Pleage to the Flag, No prayers allowed in schools, Don't use Gods name in public, atheists have the right to build Anit-Christ statues next to Chistian Statues, Don't use the words Christmas as someone will be offended, Vote for the person that is going to give you the most welfare, Allow illegals to have benifits that American cannot get, this is now America and it is what "we" have allowed to happen over the last 10 years.
  9. ajole

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    Well, really, it took longer than 10 years.

    In my state, we say the pledge a lot, we pray in school sometimes, we even have "In God we trust" posted in schools. There's a ton of flags in town, on holidays the Legion puts up about 200 flags along the main roads, we have Christmas plays, parties, and concerts, and welfare is still a dirty word, sometimes you have to almost force people to accept some help.

    But it's changing. We had to go to court to defend a Ten Commandments memorial statue from the '40's, sometimes you have to remind a younger guy to take his hat off during the pledge, and we get more fee waiver kids in school every year.
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    I'd love to address that atheist bit, but that would be off-topic and would cause this to go to the dark rooms...

    Let's keep religion out of this one, huh?
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    I agree. Discussions regarding that particular subject tend to get messy.
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    Necro Thread...
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    Dates people dates.
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    I like dates. And figs, and raisins too.:p