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  1. madmedic5

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    Got my ccw after turning in the paper work in only eight days ---cool

  2. Hey! Congratulations Madmedic.

  3. madmedic5

    madmedic5 Guest

    Thanks Deadscott and gr8fatman
  4. elguapo

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    Congrats, and welcome to the club!
  5. Great job careful out there!
  6. Congtrats.

    I got my CCW on 3/11/08. Only a week and 4 days after turning in my paperwork. They told me it would be 3 to 4 weeks. Waiting for the next class so my son can get his CCW.
  7. madmedic5

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    Thank you Elguapo, Sambo42Xa and WV hunter, congrats too you as wellWV Hunter :D
  8. Congrats, welcome to the forum.
  9. madmedic5

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    Thanks ConstantineC9 great to be here

  10. Your welcome, and welcome to the Hi Point Brotherhood.
  11. DrpChvy

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    Congrats, i still need to go take the class and all.
  12. p7196

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    congrats now go carry somewhere. It is a feeling like no other when you can carry legaly.
  13. I want mine so bad, just don't have the cash to do it, maybe I will use my rebate check from Uncle Sam.
  14. +1...i want mine too!!
  15. I think it is kinda crappy that it cost so much to be able to practice your rights. Might as well just add prices to the constitution.
    "We are having a sale on the fifth amendment, most people get that when they purchase illegal guns to go with their second. You want your rights in paper or plastic? And always, thanks for shopping American!"
  16. madmedic5

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    Thanks, Loopster,DrpChvy, P7196, Rob,and Roblamont80
    It is a shame ,the total cost , I could have bought a couple more HI-POINTS FOR THE TOTAL COST- but its worth the peace of mind to me
    Thank you all, hang in there , be safe!
  17. p7196

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    Bush signed the thing to give the stimulus rebate, bet he didn't think about a bunch of us buying weapons.
  18. madmedic5

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    Oh my how he would be wrong to think I wont P7196, LOL