ccw what do you carry?

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  1. I was just curious to find out how many of you are ccw and what you carry also tell me if you ex millitary or not. I am prior service US ARMY i was a combat medic and my carry wepon depends on the time. if i am at work then i am carrying my springfeild parkarized 1911 if i am on vaction or just a day off then i am carrying my springfeild xd 45acp compact or my glock 19c :lol:
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    P11 w/ 13rnds of Corbon DPX every time I leave my house, unless im heading to a 30.06 area.


    Got 2 more P11s or a P3AT as a BUG but I don't often carry more than 1 pistol.

    Not ex-Military.

  3. Thayldt21

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    Well I am prior army and I don't yet carry am getting XD9 in the AM.
    Will have to take CCW course first week of nov
  4. cool i am sure you will love your new xd my wife and i love ours :wink:

    By the way Thayldt21 what was your MOS?
  5. Right now, whenever I do carry... it's my SKYY CPX-1, 9mm - very similar to a Kel-Tec P-11. I used to carry a small NAA .22 MAG Mini-revolver, but it was just too small in my hands and hard to shoot. I'm beginning to think that the SKYY is too big, but it is the right caliber. It's the same old dilemma: trying to get the largest caliber and most comfortable feel into the smallest, most concealable gun. It's mostly a matter of personal choice.

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    I carry a SW model 39-2, I am not ex military. I carry that because well its my only pistol at the moment, being young and broke has alot to do with that. I will probably either end up with an XD or a Glock for carry eventually. I like the 1911 platform but that will end up being a nightstand gun for me.
  7. condition1

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    Springfield XD .40 service model
  8. A customized Kimber 1911 in .45acp.
  9. Ex Air Force here, and I carry a RIA 1911a1 45ACP and a Berreta tomcat 32 as a BUG.
  10. Also prior Army. I carry my XD 40 most of the time. Sometimes I carry my P95.

    AND when I am backpacking in rough country where I frequently wade streams and am getting my firearm muddy, etc., I carry my trusty C-9. because if it gets muddy or I lose I can afford to clean it up or get another one and not feel too blue about it.
  11. not military. Carry S&W M&P9C most of the time, Kel-Tec P-11 the remainder.
  12. I carry either a Taurus Millinum in 9mm , Taurus Millinumn Pro in 45acp , Taurus 85 snub nose 38 sp. Dam I like Taurus . :D As for a BUG it is a KelTec P32. I am breaking in a Bersa Thunder 380 to start carrying it soon.
    I am former Navy
  13. I carry an XD 40 Sub Compact. I have no military experience.
  14. non-military HP c-9 or PA-63 (9x18 Makarov) depemding on clothing.
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    Springfield Armory XD Tactical Semi-Automatic Handgun, .45 : ex-army, tank gunner
  16. Just found out there is a CCW class at the local range on November 10th and 11th... I am going to be there for sure!
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    One of two is always on my hip. I carry either my S&W 637 loaded with Gold Dot 135 gr. HP or Federal Nyclad 129 gr. HP. If I don't have my 637 with me I have my S&W 908 with 135 gr. Fed Hydrashoks. I don't feel underarmed with either-as long as I hit my target. I have had my CCW for 20 years now and have never needed it, but I sure am glad I have it. Florida is pretty gun friendly. I came from NJ and that was the complete antithesis of FL.
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    S&W 642 Crimson Trace Edition. Not prior military
  19. .

    Not prior military

    P95 with 15+1 rounds of 147 grain Hydra-Shok
  20. Not military (17yrs sheriff reserve deputy-ret). Glock 19 from the time I get up until I go to bed. Have carried a Taurus 85 CH as BUG. Once in a while a Sig P226 in car console. Looking to purchase a CZ (probably a 2075 RAMI) to replace the Taurus.
    Dodge Magnum-Detroit Edition.