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  1. So how much did you all pay for you ccw? The class ran me $125 plus 300rnd ammo (needles to say i took my 9mm instead of the 45acp) and another $109 to file the permit. I was just wondering what the prices are like in other states also oh long is your permit good for? I think ours are good for 4 years.
  2. Class (crappy weather special, it's usually $100) ...........$85
    License ......................................................................$40
    Springfield XD-9 Sub-Compact....................................$435
    Mitch Rosen Hoster & Belt (my boss bought it for me)....$200
    Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe IWB Holster.....................$65

    Being able to protect my family and myself....priceless.

  3. freedom

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    Your prices are right in line with the State of Missouri.
  4. $35 fee, $2 parking. 4 weeks wait. Done.

    PA is cool that way.
  5. I think mine was about $195.00 for the permit, pictures and class plus 50 rounds of ammo.
  6. +1 pa is great like that but there should be a class
  7. JasonJ

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    $100-$125 for the class.. 2-5 days worth.

    $105 for 5 yr permit.
  8. JoeDoe22

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    $100 for the 8hr class + 30 rounds
    $105 to file the paperwork
    $15 for fingerprints

    I dont take the class until tomorrow morning so I dont know if there are anymore fees beyond that.
  9. I had to pay for a "passport" photo, too. But I think it was only $10. :lol:

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    $100.00 for class [some charge more some less] 8 hr class 50 rounds ammo
    usually $10 for LEO to fingerprint [ mine was free my boss did mine]
    about $7 to 8 for passport photo
    $50.00 M/O to SLED [So Carolina Law Enforcement Division
  11. It was either $22 or $23 and about a 3 week wait + .25 cents for parking.
  12. unclerob

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    $190 total.

    $125 for the class and $65 for the permit.

  13. I agree - so I took a couple of classes myself before I started carrying, and got some pretty good 1:1 time with a retired Marine who's on the club's board. Classes should be "mandatory" but not so expensive I think. Mine were $35/each
  14. Space

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    $10 + $0.39 for the stamp.
  15. $25 test, $25 application fee, passport photos, 2 sets of fingerprints taken by local sherrif, 3 - 4 week wait while Bureau of Criminal Affairs runs your background
  16. elguapo

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    $60 for the class, which included two sets of fingerprints. $60 for the DPS fee. $425 for my RIA 1911, $20 for fobus holster and mags scabbard. The class only required 30 live rounds for qualifying (I took a box of 50, plus my mags full). I found out that the classes went down to $40.
  17. $35 fee, $1 parking, 1 week wait. gotta love PA
  18. $10.00 $.15 parking
  19. For me it's gonna be a $100.00 fee to the instructor and $100.00 to the State. Usually it's $150.00 to the instructor but if you are member of the shooting range, he gives you $50.00 off. That's why I want my NRA Basic Pistol Safety Instructor certificate... then I can do CCW Classes and make all the money... Sheesh, $100.00 PER PERSON!? Talk about a rip off.
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    100$ for class. Not include pic, 50$ to the state.