C'Daly HP

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  1. http://www.charlesdaly.com/images/firearms/pistols/dalyhp/dalyhpL.jpg

    Does anyone have any experience with the CD's, I know that the FNB's are regarded very highly, I found one at Bass/ODW for 349$ NEW, one mag....

    I held it and the build quality seems excelent very basic and bare bones but a solid firearm. Easy grip and I like the cocked and locked safety, 13 9mm capacity though not the greatest, still effective.
  2. I've shot one, very nice gun. Seems like a great price. They are going for $379 and up on gunbroker.

  3. No personal experience with them, but know that I've never seen a new one at that price for sure.
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    A bunch of their handguns are made by Armscor (same as the RIA) So the stuff does not look bad to me. Their one 22 was made CZ and is really nice.
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    I just called my gun shop he cant get any... He tried 4 places. He said the early CD hi-powers were made by CZ and they were very nice. ......
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    Thank you for the info...

    Now if only my $600 check would get here... two CD HPS or one 1911? HUmmm
  8. Why not get the HP and a 1911 (RIA, Armscor, etc)?