CDNN Knife sale!!

Discussion in 'Knife and Blade Forum' started by Visper, Feb 9, 2016.

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    Ok, so bunch of us at work got the an email from CDNN. They had some pretty decent sales going on for knives.

    I was selected as the "orderer" and 5 guys and a gal picked out a few knives to get so we only had to pay one flat rate shipping. I ordered 18 knives total:eek:... two are mine... :rolleyes:

    I got this:


    I know... Zombie Death Dagger... but I just had to get it!!

    and this:

    Remmington knife.JPG

    It actually looks very nice, we'll see what its like when I get it.

    I know KaBar has moved some of its production lines outside the states, but I'm hoping the quality is still there. We shall see!!