Celebrating the 4th at the range :D

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  1. The Wife and I went to the range for the 4th of July celebrations. Gorgeous day no clouds and only in the mid 70s. The only problem was it was crowded but that worked out as the guy next to me was shooting a 300 Win Mag and I got to score 9 pieces of brass, he didn't reload but did complain about the price of ammo. Told him I reloaded and would put them to good use.

    Now for the load testing for my .380 and 45 acp. Loaded 5 each at 2.4 gr of TG through 2.8 gr for the 380. The 2.4 load had one stove pipe as did the 2.7 gr load ?!? The 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 all ruined the case rim, again not sure why but think the extractor may be at fault. The 2.7 and 2.8 were pretty stout and not what I was wanting. The 380 is a Cobra CA 380 and being 100 bucks new is well cheaply done and after about 75 rounds is looking quit worn in the inside. Guess it's time to buy a better 380, lol.

    My Hi-Point on the other hand worked flawless. Made load of BE from 3.9 down to 3.5 my target load. Starting with the 3.9 and working down, what can I say but every load work great and accurate too unlike the .380 that was all over the paper.
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    Nice Range report chevy. I had a near catastrophic failure with a bryco .380. They are about the same quality. That gun is definitely not a range gun or a plinker. Its a ccw that you hope to never need. Yep, that's a big ol crack in the breech. That gun has since been properly disposed of.

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    I just got back myself. No crowd for the 5th, maybe hungover? :)
    If I had money to just blow, I'd get that new Cobra Denali to toy with. It's the newer model they got out there for about $120-130. Apparently Cobra bought up a company called Kodiak (Or have the rights to), which is why you may see a Kodiak Denali review on Youtube.

    I went because I got my carry gun for when my little pink card comes in the mail. It's the Nano, and yeah, the FTE's on 115g aren't fixed... at least not on mine. It did sour my mood the afternoon. Fortunately my HiPoint and Stingray-C worked, 100%, as always.