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  1. My CCW instructor had a video of a BG that had one of these. The police ended up shooting and killing him, but not until AFTER they had realized it was a gun.

    Check it out:

    Now, in the video we watched for CCW class, you could clearly see the BG AIMING a cell phone at one of the officers. He didn't fire it because he couldn't figure out how to make it go bang. Some seconds later, he does figure it out, turns toward the same officer, aims and BANG! Officer ducks as BG is aiming, officer 2 opens up 7 times in the guys' right shoulder. He doesn't go down. Officer 1 shoots twice, one in the back and the second in the head, hitting the central nervous system, thus dropping him instantly.
  2. And they blame cops for being so quick to shoot sometimes. My God, that is taking things to a new low. :shock:

  3. Good guys 1, Bad guy... long dirt nap...
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    that is just freaking stupid! Why would they even allow for those to be produced? There is absolutely NOOOOOO reason for those! I hope the government bans the stupid things before it gets too out of hand!
  5. That thing has been out for some years now. I think its more a novelty item than anything else or perhaps one of those "see what people can do when they are desperate" type guns. Have never seen one so I dont think they are easily obtained. Someone with a bit of mechanical skills could make a similar model with basic tools, so its always possible for a LEO to come across them.
  6. You need to read up a bit on existing law...

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    It has been posted a few times
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    AOWs... All Other Weapons... like the cane shotgun, the watch pistol, athe palm gun, the briefcase SMG... they are all banned, unless you pay a ****load of money to put it in a museum somewhere... I read a news article somewhere... about hidden firearms... (it doesn't look like a gun) and most of them were tiny, small caliber, under powered, and all of them were pin-fired. I had to ask RFH what pinfire was... :lol:
    The cell phone gun is nothing compared to "The Club" 12ga... :evil: If I ever became unarmed by my government, I would resort to zip guns... ;)
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    They used to sell a .22 that looked a bit like a fountan pen. Used to sell it in the comic books. Of course then $19.95 was a lot of money.
  11. Working in airline security we are trained to spot a lot of things...not just stinky feet.
    I have seen this cell phone gun in one of our briefings, along with a .22LR gun that was made out of a bolt and a nut. The middle of the bolt came apart, you loaded the round, then reassembled. To fire all one had to do was pull on the head of the bolt and it would fire. These type of things can be found on the internet, however, DHS watches things like this closely because terrorist can get their hands on them.