Central Arizona shooters - AZGFD ranges are open

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    If you're in the Phoenix area and looking for a place to shoot, it can be difficult this time of year due to fire restrictions. The public health crisis makes it even more challenging, so I was happy to discover that the AZGFD ranges are open; they're using an online reservation system.

    Reservations can be made for up to two people per table with the rule being that the two people have to live in the same household. You can pick your table and time. They're open Wednesday through Sunday, with four shooting times beginning at 7am. You get 90 minutes, but shooting time stops 10 minutes before your time expires. They cease fire on the half hour, so you're shooting time will be about 20 minutes x 3. Cost for the 100yd rifle and pistol paper target range is $7.50 per person; non-refundable. I just checked availablity and they have 12 time slots open between now and August 16th. This is for Ben Avery, but you could also look at Joe Foss south of Buckeye.

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    Pima county .gov operates 3 ranges, one temp closed. But the best one is the
    Southeast Regional Park Shooting Range
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