CF-380 Reviewed in Feb 2008 Gun Tests Magazine

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  1. Gun Tests has just published a review of the CF-380, comparing it to a Walther PPK, and the Bersa Firestorm. I have summarized their article. They only gave the CF-380 a C+, but they had all kinds of positive things to say about the pistol. Go figure!
  2. Slippery grips and a rough trigger. Tell us something we didn't already know! If those were the only bad points, then I think it should have gotten a better grade, I mean, isn't the point of a firearm to be able to shoot reliably and accurately? According to them it kicked ass and took names! Eh, what do I know....

  3. Hey a C+ is above average, thats not bad for a firearm that so many try to say is the bottom of the barrel ;)
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    Sounds like more of a "B" to me. Hi-Points always the one kid in the class the teacher thinks is the slacker no matter how hard it tries.
  5. neothespian

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    Sounds like more of a "B" to me. Hi-Points always the one kid in the class the teacher thinks is the slacker no matter how hard it tries.
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    I think th large size is it's main downfall.
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    well grip is a big part of the gun, it's the foundation of good results, if the gun is shifting in your grip then you can't get reliable results.

    i think it's a rather good review actually and C+ sound about right.
  8. What I find interesting is that hi-point is always under scrutiny by others in the firearm industry, it has always performed better then expected and get very good marks and ratings in regards to accuracy and dependablity, yet the critics for HP are a dime a dozen
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    I Love my Hi-point 45
  10. I think with a good houge grip on it, ya definitely got a solid B in the .380.
  11. some one on here mention he use bike inner tube, can that "someone" post some pictures?
    i'm thinking to do that but don't know how to start.
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    Hey C+ ant bad. The Glock 36 got a C+ from Gun-Tests as well.
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    I think it should have at least gotten a B- based on that review. C+ for a gun by a maker that many have actually seen perform as good as or better than major name brands deserves more than a C+.

    Problem is that some of these reviewers are also gun snobs themselves, and are rather biased. Clearly one of the main reasons HP's get such a bad rep (obviously by word of mouth as shooting one for yourself tends to change one's opinion) is actually coming from the major gun makers out there. It's a doggy dog world out there in business. HP makes a very reliable firearm. Sure.., it's not the nicest looking weapon on the shelf, but it performs quite well and does it for a hell of a lot less.

    With the major brands you've spent most of your money on the name itself..., and that doesn't always translate into reliability. With an HP you're clearly not buying the name, you're buying a well built and very reliable firearm for MUCH LESS than the competition, and obviously the competition knows this. So they and their supporters dog HP any chance they get.

  15. Hi Point's strong points

    In my view the Hi-Point pistols have a couple of VERY strong points:

    1. First and foremost they bring pistol shooting to the masses. Anyone can afford a Hi-Point pistol, and since it has a lifetime warranty they can rely on having a gun for their whole lifetime.

    2. Hi-Point pistols are reliable and accurate.

    They get the job done. Personally, I would grade them "B"
  16. Here is my C9 with the bicycle tube grip.

  17. nice, i just got a bike tube, as soon as i pick up my c9 i'll hand make my own grip.
  18. Having personally shot all three guns in that article I would give the CF380 about the same grade or possibly a B-. Reason being, its quiet large for a .380, grips are slick and the trigger is slightly heavy with a good bit of takeup when shot right out of the box. A grip sleeve, lots of range time will solve the last two issues but its still large for a .380acp.

    For the Firestorm, my s-son Strangerous owns one and its nothing but fantastic, definitely deserves an A rating in my book. Wife has a Bersa Thunder 380 and it too has been a fantastic gun, I rate the Thunder 380 A+ because it has adjustable rear sights vs the Firestorms fixed rear.

    I have shot plenty of Walther PPK's and PPK/S's in .380 and .32acp. They are heavy for their size and most common complaint is slide bite and soreness in the web of the hand after a range session. PPK's can be ammo sensitive so its best to shoot a variety of ammo thru one before settling on range ammo and carry ammo. B is ok but I would thing more along the lines of C+ due to the reasons I stated.