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    I had to endure a lot of good natured jokes at my LGS when I picked up my new 380 last week. I took it to the range today for the first time. The pistol is a pleasure to shoot, accurate, and had NO problems. My wife really likes the soft recoil. It is also pretty easy to take apart and re-assemble. I am impressed! I think I see a 9 MM in my future.
  2. The instructor, who is a police officer, made fun of my High Point 380 at the start of the required carry license class last year. His tune changed somewhat when he seen the target at the end of the class and noted that there were no failures at all. I have since put about 500 rounds thru it again with not a single failure. I didn't buy the HP to win a beauty contest, impress nobodies, be a status symbol, etc. I simply wanted a reasonably priced gun that would reliably go bang if I needed to defend myself or my family.

    I was going to get the HP 9mm for a little more power. While at a local gun shop I seen a Diamondback Full Size 9mm and ended up getting that on the spur of the moment. Was at the range yesterday with it and it was great, I like it.

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    Good thing, you woulda lost!:rofl:
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    I think people make jokes about Hipoints because of the cheap price tag. I've never heard any horror stories about one exploding or the barrel falling off or anything like that. I can appreciate a finely crafted expensive handgun, but I also can appreciate an inexpensive reliable handgun too. It is also with noting that my cf380 is one of the most accurate handguns that I have fired.
  5. Yeah most people I know who talk bad about them have never owned one or shot one over a long period of time. The jamming issues only happen to some and can easily be fixed in most cases... The beautiful thing if it can't... is the lifetime warranty! :) My 380 had a few jamming issues... polishing the feeder ramp and adjusting the mags definitely took care of that problem. The accuracy is unquestionable, groups within inches from 20 or more yards. My JHP out of the box wasn't dialed in but putting on the ghost ring as well as a quick tweek... I imagine it will do absolutely fine(will see on the next range trip). There is a video posted on youtube by iraqveteran8888 of an all around torture test on a Hi point pistol and the only way they got the gun to explode was by shoving a damn bolt and other things into the barrel and putting it in a vice to hold it all in. But other than that which is not applicable to anyone haha!!! they did everything and it just kept going... There is another video on Smith & Wesson M&P pro series called S&W M&P catastrophic failure.. on the last bullet of the second clip EVER... the gun basically blew out its side parts in the shooters hand... S&W blamed it on the ammo because they were remanufactured.. It probably was... who knows?... but at least we Hi point owners can rest assured ours are NOT exploding unless we drive a damn 4" bolt down inside the barrel LOL!!!
  6. You'll like the 9mm too! But a thought... Since you already have one in a smaller caliber, think about a .45:D
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    Let me change the direction of this thread a bit. As I already said, I am considering a C-9. But, as I read this forum, it seems like the C-9 has more than its share of problems. Since the 380 and the 9 MM are almost identical, why does the 9 MM seem to have more problems? Is it just that more people buy the C-9?

    If I can expect the same performance from the C-9 that I have experienced with my 380, I am sold!
  8. I have a C9. Zero problems with it after the mag springs were broken in. Contrary to issues that some others have reported, mine even eats Winny White box with no problems.
    Did no ramp polishing or mag lip bending. Only mods to mine are a trigger polish job and Mahan sights. Oh, and buffed slide so it has chrome walls like the .380
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    my personal opinion of the c9 (yes I own one) is that hipoint uses the same last round hold open lever for all 4 pistols. the pistol grip on the 40 and 45 are a little wider, and the 380 cartridge is a little shorter. the 9mm is just the right width and length to allow it to hang up on the lrho. couple that with the magazine issues (easily fixed) and you have most of the problems. 15 mins with a small file and some emory cloth and my c9 has run no failures since I "tuned" it up. I have 1500 rounds through it since the tune up. I have full faith in my hipoints. 1 rides with me everywhere I go, 1 is in the go bag, and 1 in its case waiting to go to the range, or the desert...
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    I chose the c9 because it is the same size as the 380 but the ammo is much more available and cheaper. I shot hundreds of rounds through mine in 3 years until I "upgraded" to a S & W SD9VE because of the lighter weight for concealed carry. I traded the Hi-Point to my neighbor because he wanted heavy and a manual safety. I hope my S & W is as accurate and reliable as my C9 has been.
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    My wife's C9 lives in her nightstand, unless we're at the range. I did polish the feed ramp, but shoot lead reloads exclusively at the range (except 20 rounds of BullDogs, to make sure they'd work if she needed them). In the first couple of mags she had two FTF. After that - its the Energizer Bunny. People say "I'd stake my life on it". I trust this one enough to let the most precious person on the planet stake HER life on one.
  12. Unfortunately there isn't a way to ensure that any will come right out of the box with no issue... As you can see with ISP & Colthrash's posts, One C9 had no issues right out of the box, other than wearing in the mag spring and the other C9 had some issues he was able to adjust and fix.

    Same with our 380's, mine had some jamming (fixed now) and your 380 was just fine right out of the box. But one thing we can say for certain... is even if you don't get the "perfect hi-point" right out of the box, the issues are EASILY fixed and if they cant be, then the lifetime warranty is there to get it done for you.

    I would have to agree wholeheartedly with ISP on owning a smaller caliber already.. the c9 and 380 are basically twins with a few exceptions(barrel, cam size, ect. ect.) So the c9 is just a nudge different in size. I recently bought the 45 JHP and am very happy with it, only about 100 rounds through it so far but NO issues to date. Which ever you decide to buy I am sure you will be happy with even if you get issues needing tended too. I actually plan in the future to get the C9 and 40SW myself... So IMO, no matter what you buy you are getting a good gun for 140-180 dollars. The size of bullet is what has me pointing you toward the JHP.
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    How many of those complainers took their spankin' brand new C-9 to the range with the intent to show up someone but their C-9 just ended up making them look like an ass? All C-9s need to be broken in and some need a little TLC (tweaking). Keeping that in mind it's usually a simple task to sort out any issues. But try and convince the poor slob who was just humiliated of that.

    Because it's identical is why there's issues, Especially with sharing mags. And colthrash has some fine points on the LRHO.