CF380 and C9 parts compatbility

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    Has anyone here tried using the 9mm magazines in a CF-380? How about taking the barrel from a compensated CF 380 and using it on a C9?

    Uh, never mind. I just found my answers. Magazines, yes, barrels, no.
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    Got it. I should have realized earlier that the critical difference here is that two millimeter longer case length.
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    Don't forget the case head differences.
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    It's more than just the 'case is shorter'.

    .380 ACP case dimensions.
    Straight case - no case taper.
    Dia. = .374" head - .373" mouth.
    Head size = .374".
    Case length = .680".

    9mm Luger case dimensions:
    Tapered case.
    Dia. = .391" head - .380" mouth -
    Head size = .394".
    Length = 754".

    the .380 ACP is smaller all the way around.