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    Hey guys new here, and needing some help, i bought a .380acp went to the range put about 60 rounds thou it, came home took it apart for cleaning, put it back together, and Slide wont let me lock it safety works fine and gun seems like it will fire as normal.. i got a clamp and clamped down the barrel to make sure i put it back together correctly and i did, when i was putting it back together i tried locking the slide with out the pin and it works i noticed when i tried to put the pin back with the slide back its about a hair short so i pulled it back more and pin still would not go in i took the pin out an noticed that the slide retainer is also a hair high, when pushed slide down it gets in the place but slide wont lock.. i dont understand why this would happen the firing pin is fine..
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    Can't lock the slide back by engaging the safety into the second notch? Then somehow you put it back together incorrectly.

    Slide won't go back far enough to engage the safety into the second notch or cock it? The sear is in backwards. You put it back together incorrectly.

    Slide won't automatically lock back? Insert an empty magazine and try again. Didn't work? Then somehow you put it back together incorrectly.

  3. You don't need to clamp your slide to assemble disassemble either. Either use a piece of matchbook cover behind the safety, or you can use a slightly smaller punch to get the pin started during assembly or disassemble.

    Using the smaller punch you just drive the pin enough to get it started then use the punch as a fulcrum to hold the slide back while driving all the way out or in. I use a allen wrench.