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    Took my new CF380 to the range today for the first time. Put 150 rounds through it right out of the box to see how it did. I own two Berettas and I really only bought the Hi-Point because I just couldn't resist the temptation to see what $100 would get me in a handgun. So here's a report on the 380.

    The pistol gagged on the very first round I tried to chamber. It didn't want to feed. I've heard this is not uncommon for the first couple hundred rounds off the top of the magazine on Hi-Points. Fortunately, this only happened a couple times using good quality Winchester and Remington FMJ ammo. After several magazines it seemed to feed a bit better. Loading the magazines I noticed that they are not lubricated at all and it felt like there were burrs on the followers. A little oil and some filing would probably make them work a LOT better. All in all, the FMJ ammo worked pretty well.

    The real problem came when I put a magazine full of Gold Dot JHP cartridges in the pistol. It DID NOT want to eat those things at all! I had to basically force feed the gun the first four rounds. Very annoying. Again, I think some lube and deburring might help the feeding. I noticed that when I released the slide the next round wanted to nose dive instead of feed up onto the ramp and into the chamber.

    Now for the important part. I was shocked at how accurate and easy to shoot this pistol was. I was able to easily group within 3 inches at 10 yards without really trying. It was very, very consistent, even when shooting at a faster rate. Very impressive.

    While I never plan on using this pistol for concealed carry or for my primary defense weapon at home, I would feel comfortable having to shoot it in a defensive situation, IF (this is very BIG IF) I can solve the feeding issues. The bottom line is, the gun is butt ugly, feels like a piece of shit, jingles when you shake it, and is a picky eater, but can shoot just as well as my $600 92FS. What do you want for a hundred bones? I think Hi-Point does a pretty damn good job. Hopefully a little filing and some gun oil will turn it into a reliable little range piece.
  2. check out the troubleshooting sticky and the mag modifications posting in the tech tips - I found it to be very helpfull.

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    I have a C9 and CF380. My CF380 shot flawlessly for the first 4 - 5 mags. Those I loaded with 6 rounds each. When I loaded that mag full I had only a couple of FTF with the next 100+ rounds.

    Each Hi-Point seems to have its own personality. Some members have shot WWB thru their new C9 with no problems while my new C9 would gag every other mag for the first 300 rounds or so. Your CF380 is having feed problems while my CF380 has had no more that 3 FTF in 300 rounds.
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    My CF380 has had less than 3 feed issues in almost 1000rds, literally.

    I prefer the Blazer CCI 95gr FMJ in mine, but ot likes everything I've shot through it so far.

    The reading I've done seems to lead to FMJ in the .380 platform, for penetration purposes. Seems that JHP doesn't pentrate from the research I've done.

    I will admit I had similar issues with my HP .45 though. But I noticed the same thing about the magazines. I owned the .45 first and bought the .380 as a BUG, so I worked the .380 mags even before I shot it.

    I shot a ton of oil down the mag wells, and worked the spring with a stick (a pen), and then loaded and unloaded the mags a few times. The performance of the .45 started to improve almost immediately, and now, at about 2500rds, it shoots flawless. It has been that way for almost 1500rds now. I just remember to oil the inside of the magazine each time I shoot, it's a habit now. It's worked so far.
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    I too have a CF380 and love it. However, I have also had issues running JHP ammo through it. However, I have only run one box and it was simply as a test since I have heard mixed reviews of how well it would eat hollow points. IMHO, 380 is a wonderful cartridge as long as you are willing to shoot FMJ for self defense. I would say don't bother with the hollow points. Too much extra money for too little gain. Also, in almost 2000 FMJ rounds down range I have had zero feed issues!