CF380 Comps NIB for Sale?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by MachoMelvin, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

  2. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    Thats sweet! Good price too for nib. I just got rid of my taurus 380. I might just have to consider one of these. Nice find macho.

  3. bigfrank330

    bigfrank330 Member

    Very nice Macho
    Are they going to re release the 9mm compensated
  4. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    NOT sure, anything is possible.
    I had a guy send me the link a few days ago, but by the time I hit the link it was gone. He re-sent the link last night & I jumped on it!
  5. bigfrank330

    bigfrank330 Member

    I just looked
    Doesn't show to be in stock at this time
  6. cicpup

    cicpup Resident PITA Supporting Member

    Could be NOS. Look at the trigger. MoM is using a skeletonized trigger now. Just look at your new greenies.
  7. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    I will post a picture when it comes in. Could just be a file photo?
    States it comes with a 8rd & 10rd magazine.
  8. Keep us updated, I'm curious
  9. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    Just picked it up! Looks great, pics to follow.
    NIB - NIB - NIB
  10. HiPointArmorer

    HiPointArmorer Member

    It would be nice if they re-leased the C9 Comp with new trigger, polished side and slide grip serrations.
  11. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    Guy's it's new! Box is new, all paperwork is new. The box is labled C9 Comp & 380 Comp. with a dry mark X on the 380, correct serial number on the label. The clerk say's he gets the opportunity to buy Hi Points from his distibuter several times a month. Every now & again they offer these 380 Comps with the other available models & he buys them. He never has a problem selling them. He didn't know what all the FUSS was about.

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