cf380 range report

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    Lets start with a previous unpublished range report: 100 rounds of winchester fired and only one FTF, and that was due to me trying to ease the gun into battery. Just shooting at cans so didn't have pics
    So here we are looking at another 100 rounds this time at a target that was tape measured at 25 feet
    the 2 rounds that were the farthest apart out of a 100 round group were 15 inches apart but by and large the rounds fell in a pattern of about 8 inches. If it were an intruder I would be confident they would be hit with every round.
    Function was mostly without incident except two stovepipes, one being clearable with a swipe of the hand(round 52 and resuming a shooting stance and pulling the trigger, the other stayed in the slide and clooged things up which required me to pull the slide back and dump both the spent and good round(round 99)
    I disassembled the gun and the recoil spring is starting to look warped and the channel for the firing pin is showing wear with evidence of metal shavings in the channel. The paint on the barrel is chipping off and I need to know what to do about it.
  2. Good grouping!

    The spring and the shavings are most likely part of the break in process, just clean the gun and keep using it

    The paint chipping off of the barrel is normal, and you can either ignore it, touch it up with black paint, or remove the paint from the barrel and polish it, as many members have done.

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    I love my CF 380. I find it extremely accurate and fun to shoot. Have you tried the ghost ring? Maybe it's just my eyes, but it greatly tightened up my group!