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    To the range today. 2 boxes Remington green and white, 1 box PMC bronze, 1 value pack WWB. 2nd mag had a fail to feed and a double feed back to back. After that there were no more malfunctions. I have to rate this Hi Point second in reliability of my semi autos. Accurate enough to boot. I am really liking firing this handgun.

    Took it apart last night, just to see how much trouble it was. Not really a big deal. Probably follow the manuals advise fairly close and only break it down every 1000 - 1500 rounds or so.

    Think I will go ahead and get a holster for it, probably a Folbus.

    No enhancements to this yet, still has the painted ramp and everything. Just oiled it. As long as it continues to work well, I will leave it be.
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    Glad that you are having a good experience with your new CF380! I have had one for many years now but have to admit that I don't shoot it very often:(. Mainly cost and availability of .380 ACP ammo. Mine shoots well tho and I have had few if any issues with it.
    RE: enhancements, I did polish the feed ramp but I think that the general consensus of "those that know" say that it's just fluff. Most problems will be related to issues with the magazines and are usually remedied by simple (but maybe time consuming) tweaks to the "lips". I'm not so sure that there are many "enhancements" that will make it a "better" pistol. Most are cosmetic. I do have a grip sleeve on most of my pistols (HiPoints and others) because I like the way it feels in my hand. Get a holster that you like and shoot the heck out of it (as long as you can afford it:D). TG