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  1. Just when I had everything worked out, all the bills paid, refunds gone through.... I GOT F^&(%ing ROBBED!!!

    I've had crap for luck lately really have. I got my tax refund, ordered a Just Right Carbine, it didn't work, nether did the next one. So I got to wait a week and a half for a refund while I figured out what I was going to spend my $750 on.

    I decided to get a Ruger American in 30-06 and for a carbine, I'll go back to Hi Point, haven't had one in years, I miss it ALOT. Only reason I sold it was an idiot offered me $850 for my pair (JHP & 4095TS).

    So after doing the adult thing and make sure all important business is handled. I have about $300 on my paycard (no more paper checks from my employer) and around $450 in my bank. I figure, alright I'll go to the bank tomorrow and transfer the money and put in the order.....

    Last night I found out my card has been deactivated and all my moneys gone. Seems some one in Brooklyn NY spent all my money at a friggen Target.

    Now come to find out this rinky dink pay card company has been compromised, it happened to a few people and to boot there system is mostly automated. So even when I get someone on the line they can do next to nothing because the system wont let them. All they can do is issue me a new card and wait to see is the transactions go through, if not I get a refund to the new card.. but if they do go through (which there is no stopping them) all I can do then is file a dispute and hope to get my money back. :wah:
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    Does your company offer direct deposit. That way it goes right into your account.

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  4. Oh I tried that, I gave them all the info but the pen pushers at the office never got it handled. I just gave up after the 3rd try and went along with the "paycard"
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    Damn dude! That sucks. I would be freaking out!
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    This whole pay card system is something that I've only recently heard of, and it sounds like a load of crap. Not only can you get your paycheck hacked, but I've heard that they charge fees.

    There should be a way to transfer its contents directly to a bank account to protect what's on it. Talk to your bank to inquire about options. In the mean time, I hope that you get this resolved soon.
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    You had better hope that "paycard" has the same protection as credit cards have to have, you are not liable for stolen ID or identity theft, if not, you should have never agreed to being paid by your employer on a "paycard", that is just crazy. Direct deposit, it is your employers responsibility to get it done. I would be going after my employer to make it right, they have to have accounting people who are able to contact these "paycard" people directly.
  8. My wife had her purse stolen at work 15 or so years ago. They walked right into unlocked offices when people went to lunch, breaks, whatever.
    Now my wife was, is 5'11 140 pound long red haired and white... However when target ran her card at the register, their video showed I was suddenly married to a 300 pound, NO exaggeration.... black woman with an afro.
    Was I pissed!
    Ultimately this person and cohort got nabbed
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    What is the name of the pay card company?

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    Hold the company you work for responsible for your pay as they did not provide you with a secure deposit. I am sure you state AG and the federal employment commission would love to here about this.
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    I'm sure local tv news stations would like to hear about this as well. Nothing like bashing a corporation that treats employees badly. Since the paycard company can't do much, the media hounding them for answers might make them rethink their approach.
  12. Oh I have been freaking out. I finally got a hold of my operations manager and he started brown nosing real quick. He swears if they paycard company screws me US Security will cover it, but I've never trusted this guy as far as I could throw him. So I take that with a grain of salt.

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