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Changes to the carbine mechanism

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OK guys, I've been PMing with a guy that had trouble with his trigger install. He mentioned that he bought his carbine late in 07 (same as me) but that his is different. He says his sear levers and moving parts for the trigger are on the opposite side of mine. Also mentions that the trigger looks different (spring hole).

For you guys that have taken yours apart, does yours it look like this:

This is the ejector side, lever would be on the back side.

On Monday I plan to call HP to get some more information. It does not seem logical to me but he has received 2 triggers one of which I personally tested on my carbine and it worked 100%.... on his, no good.
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Mine came straight from the factory in December, 2007, and is like yours. Can he post a picture?

I suspect it's a case of confusion, but I suppose that it's possible that HP might have just started production of the new 995s with last-round lock-back. As we've heard that the new ones will be incompatible with the old, maybe this is legitimately the new version.

Thats what I suspect, I canot see them making new stamping dies for all the sears and casting molds and all that unless it was a total new redesign. I'm still curious why his seems uncompatible.
I got mine in mid 07 and mine looks like yours Bushman.
I got mine a month ago and it's the same as yours. I don't know how long it was sitting in the shop where I bought it though.

That little piece did fall out when I installed my trigger and had it not been for a post about it, I probably wouldn't have gotten it done.
Looks like this issue is resolved. Seems to have been a mistake by the other party.
I've noticed that on all the pictures I've seen of other people's 995 slides, they look like a bare metal color. The slide on my 995 is black. Is this something else they are doing new?

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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