Changing the sling over to the other side

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    How would I do this? Do I have to take the whole gun apart?
  2. Figure out at which two points you want your sling to attach.

    Get a metal rod that fits in the hole but wont go though the nut. Basically the same diameter as the post on the swivels.

    Next, insert your peg on the opposite side of the nut and with a hammer bang the nut out. It should take a few blows to pop it out.

    Lastly, reinsert the un on the opposite side and press it in with the rod and hammer (may take a few solid hits).

    I did this with mine and although it works fine, the swivels will sit alot lower and will actually deform the stock a bit as the bottom out. You my need to use some small washers to prevent this.