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    So im wanting to step into a 1911. Now before we start, my reasoning is my own. Ive loved these for as long as I can remember. While there are many guns id love to own a 1911 is head and shoulders above these. Im wanting a low level entry model. Im contemplating-

    Rock Island

    Im wanting something mil-spec so I can find triggers, grips, and sights thatll fit. My next debate is

    Full size

    Im pretty sure ill go with a .45acp. Again with fitment of after market pieces.

    Does anyone have any experience with the listed brands? Or have another idea of the sub $300-500 range?

  2. greg_r

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    Citadel. Armscor, and Rick Island Armory are all the same gin. All made by Armscor. They are good guns. As far as size, what are you going to do with it? I think full size, for general use, and I sometimes carry my full size also, but for carry the commander is quite a bit smaller.

  3. Johnny_B_Goode

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    You can get a used Glock or M&P 40 cal with night sights that you can easily carry for less than an AMSCOR 1911. Check out Buds gun shop under police trade ins. If you like revolvers get a Model 10 with a round butt and have a 3" barrel installed. I carried a model 10 in my pocket for years. I bought it at a NOPD surplus auction for $52.
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    You miss the part where he said he wanted a 1911?..... Not something else?
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    Just so everyone knows, a 1911 is the ONLY weapon im currently interested in buying. Period. lol itll be my carry gun.im a bigger guy so concealing isnt an issue. I have a conceal holster already for a full size 1911. I knew they were all made by the same company but prices deflect each other. Ive seen some ads for the ati officer size for $349 but im just not sure howd id like such a small .45. My buddt has the xdm? And its waaaay too snappy. I hate it. But im thinkin an all steel .45 may not be so bad.
  7. Fracman

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    Full size 45 for you first 1911
    Buds is has a rock island for $421
    I have only shot the 22tcm 9mm rock seem to be a fine gun
    Buds also has a bunch of iver jonsons and girsan 1911s which I have never held or seen.
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    I like my C9, BUT by far my favorite gun is my Ruger SR1911. New it is not in your price range, but I've seen it used for $500. I have a full size in .45 ACP. Love the 1911!!!
  9. Everybody I have talked to are extremely happy with their Rock Islands. Not positive but I believe most budget 1911's have a cast frame. The high end lines have forged frames, I have a essex frame(cast) and it has held up with thousands of rounds. I do not shoot +P in it though.
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    NE Utah
    Seriously? A used Glock over a new 1911? When the guy specifically said he wants a 1911?


    It's hard to go wrong with any of the Filipino guns.

    There's more than a few RIA 1911's on Gunbroker, under $500 shipped. Buds does too.
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    I've only had Springfield Armory 1911s, so I can't comment on the brands you have listed, but as far as size goes, I'll offer my $.02. The full size model will offer you more sight radius and a smidgen more velocity, as well as more readily available parts in the future. The narrow profile of the 1911 will help you keep it flat and avoid printing, while also keeping it more comfortable for IWB carry. With that in mind, the shorter models will only offer an advantage if you are smaller in stature or need to dress very lightly. Generally, the 1911 seems to hide well, regardless of length in most cases.

    One last thing--the full size model will be much more fun to shoot in the long run, and it will be more versatile.
  12. Grant

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    RIA is great. Consider the Taurus, possibly the best for the $ 1911.
  13. lklawson

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    See if you can find any LGS with a NIB Remington R51, buy it, then exchange it at Remington for the R1. ;)

    Peace favor your sword,
  14. you should submit that to the life hack website :p
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    Check out all the pawn shops in your area.

    Now is a very good time to do that, folks needed money for Christmas.

    I picked up a like new Kimber a few years ago at a pawn shop for $350.
    Like new?? Didn't even have the idiot scratch! Came with the box and all papers, I'm the guy who mailed in the warranty.
  16. Fracman

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    The Taurus has a bigger slide so it does not fit into must 1911 holsters
  17. greg_r

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    Don't know because I have not handled one, but I hear the Tisas is a well made budget 1911 with a bad trigger.
  18. I have two 1911's. One is a GSG .22lr and one is a RIA 9mm tactical... I love my Rock!