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Cheap 995 in TX (NOT MINE)

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Since I usually post when I find hi-points in other forums, I always get PMs asking me if I still have it or for details. Hopefully this will make it clear....


Here's the good stuff:

The highpoint carbine I bought this weekend at a gun show, but then had a change of heart about it and I think I would rather put the money from both of these towards a beretta cx4 storm 9mm. It is NIB and it comes with the BSA red dot scope and the stock sights.

I am asking only what I paid for them. I'm eating the tax. I would like to ask the buyer to pay for the exact shipping though. I think that would be fair. I have pictures, but I'm not sure how to post them here. Just shoot me an email and I will send them to you.

carbine $169


He doesn't have his email posted so you will have to join and PM him.
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Nice deal for someone local.
pic was posted, looks like it's still available:

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SOLD...... I mean BOUGHT, by me. Thanks for the heads-up s0b3.
SOLD...... I mean BOUGHT, by me. Thanks for the heads-up s0b3.
no problem. glad it went to someone here. it was a pretty good deal considering how much some dealers are gouging at the shows.
Nice score on the 995 there Bushman!
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