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  1. Jagerbomber

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    Just thought i would pass this brand on if any of you have seen it and passed on it or never seen it and run across it. My C-9 so far is functioning flawlessly off of Monarch 9mm luger full metal jacket rounds with the steel casing. They offer the same rounds in brass casing as well but I have just picked up two boxes of the steel so far and they work great. 115 grain basic rounds but they have been perfect so far and are pretty cheap as well. If you have never used them and find some give them a try and see what ya think.
  2. Joe Sixpack

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    never heard of monarch where did you buy'em?

  3. Jagerbomber

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    I have been picking them up at Academy Sports in Franklin Tn. Me and the friend i go gun hunting and to the gun show with always swing in there on the way back through and they always have a nice stock of them.
  4. Grassafrass

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    Monarch - Blue Box

    I took your advise and tried this brand Monarch... they are GREAT!

    I was using the Winchester FMJ, and having jamming/feeding issues.
    I bought some of this Monarch Blue Box ammo, and have since put 200+ rounds through my C9 without any problems. The slick, laquered casings seem to feed much better... Plus I can buy 200rounds for @ $25!

    For plinking or targeting, this is a great deal.
  5. Dreamthief

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    I've never seen them around where I live. :(
  6. Jagerbomber

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    Re: Monarch - Blue Box

    Yeah, same luck here and the price is fantastic, i recomend anyone with a Hi-Point try them out if you can find them.
  7. BSK

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    Anyone online carry it?
  8. post some pix, so we can see what it looks like. both the box and ammo.
  9. Grassafrass

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    pics of Monarch Ammo

    Sorry - I have a crappy digital camera... this is the best quality pics it will take.


    Says " made in Russia" on back of box...
  10. Jagerbomber

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    I'll try to post a pic tomorrow. They have Brass and Steel casing. I have been using the green laquered kind, i think its the steel casing...anyways...kinda looks like those green WOLF shells. They are in a different box right now from when i bought them the first time....I'll post a photo of the new box. Under $7 for 50 rounds and it has been flawless for me in 2 boxes.
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    The first 200 rnds through mine were Monarch. I got mine at the same store as Jagerbomber. Jagerbomber since we shop at the same store we need to get together and do some plinkin.
  12. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    I've had good luck with Wolf, nice smooth ammo.

    I want to try some of that stuff.
  13. I shot Wolf ammo last night and WOW :!: The muzzle flash was much larger and brighter. The ammo fed fine. The recoil was the same as Remington and WWB (I loaded a clip alternating Wolf, Remington and WWB). I could tell when the Wolf fired from the muzzle flash.
  14. Jagerbomber

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    Yeah, maybe we might bump into eachother sometime. I usualy run through there when me and my buddies hit the Gun Show at The fairgrounds.
  15. p7196

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    Yep I was planning to stop in there after Bill Goodmans show later this month.
  16. I bought some Monarchs, too. They sucked in my C9. I had a lot of FTFeeds and almost every round key-holed. I forgot to keep the targets to scan in and prove it. I for one didn't really like them. I might by more just for plinking, but if I can find a deal that close to the same price I'll take those. Great price, but just didn't like all the FTFeeds and keyholes. Through my aim way off, practically no accuracy.
  17. BTW, sbroomheadsr and I also live in Nashville area. We all need to get to together and go to ASP, in Joelton, for a range trip.
  18. p7196

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    Ok let's pick a Saturday that everyone is off. Make it like the 2nd Saturday and we can all hit the gun show then go to the range. Maybe we can pick up a case of decent ammo at the show. I plan to run alot of rounds through mine.
  19. I didn't shoot any Monarchs last night but I shot Blazer and WWB (I am all out of Wolf :( ). My C9 must be broken-in finally because had no problems!

    I also shot my "Hi-Point" .22 pistol. Okay, not a Hi-Point, but it is an HP22a by Phoenix Arms. IMO, this gun should be an honorary member of the Hi-Point family. Qualifications? Inexpensive, blow-back design, fixed barrel, ugly (or good looking, your choice), diss'd on gun forums by people who have never shot one , and fun to shoot! No feed problems with the first 250 rounds. But I have to have more than 1 mag :!:

    Back to Hi-Points and the Monarchs shot by Broomhead; He had some holes in the target that were 1" x 2" is size. Based upon shot count on the target, he had to have some shot go through those holes. He had too many accurate hits in the past to think he missed the target completely. :) Especially at 3 yards!
  20. gunnut

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    I had an extra $100 bucks in store credit at my shop and bought a HP22. I have shot 700+ rounds through it and no real problems to speak of... I am not a big fan of all of the safety features, but it gets the job done. Did you get both mags and barrels for yours? I did havesome FTF with the 5'' barrel. Maybe it needs a polish.