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    I went out and shot some today with a cheap box of Tulammo marked made in Bosnia Herzegovina. I've shot Tulammo before, and it wasn't that bad, but this stuff was all over the target. Now admittedly, I'm not the worlds best shot, but I can generally keep a pretty good group at about 25 feet. Today I shot only four of the first seven rounds on the paper. The second go around wasn't much better. I got 6 on the page, but they were all on about the bottom inch of the paper.

    Has anyone else ever got a box of ammo that was so bad that you couldn't keep it on the target?
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    Thanks for this post, all these years the problem with my shooting has been the ammo.
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    I've been telling my boys that once you get old & fat, your shooting goes
    1st!!! I will now have to make a correction?
    I read it on the internet, bonjour!!!
  4. Tula made in Bosnia? Sounds odd..:confused:
  5. I have shot hundreds of rounds of Tul and no issues with accuracy, or jamming for that matter.
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    How'd you know I was old and fat? At least you didn't tell them I was bald.

    I have too. They've always been pretty good. These felt and sounded weak though. Could explain why they all shot low.
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    We are ALL old, fat, and going bald..... It's a forum requirement!
  8. Make sure you're not putting .380 in a 9mm. ;)

    When I was a kid my uncle swore his new remmy 30-06 was worthless. Thankfully someone pointed out .270 wasn't the correct diameter.

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    Someone on the Glock forum was having problems with the Tula from Bosnia. Different problems. Cases were out of round and wouldn't chamber. I don't think it was 9's. It may have been .45

    Maybe this is a new factory?
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    Finally got out to the range (aka back yard) today to test my Tulammo against Remington and Federal.

    I tested both 9mm and .45 ACP. After running 7 rounds each through my Tristar C100 and AO 1911, I think that the Tula is a lower power than the Federal and Remington in both calibers; and that some of the Tula rounds are dropping below the paper on the .45 acp. I don't know where the 9mm went.

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    You should specify which Tula, and where it was made. I have shot Russian, Ukraine, and 2 types of brass Italian made Tula.