Cheap Ammo!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Spotcat, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Spotcat

    Spotcat Member

    Found American Eagle 9mm FMJ 115gr 50 rnds $11.99 at Mahoney's in Abingdon VA.
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  2. tim

    tim Member

    Try the Federal aluminum case 9mm, $9.97, 40 S&W $14.99 & 45, $14.99. I've shot a bunch of the. 9 & 40, works great in my HP. 9. & 40 cal. & in my other brands too. Just got a 1911. 45 & bought a box to try in it , but will have to wait till Saturday

  3. tim

    tim Member

    Here in NE Ohio they have it at Walmart
  4. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    I love American Eagle, it's my go to range feed when I can find it
  5. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    Ditto on the federal aluminum case. I just picked up 2 more boxes on my way home.

    I gotta say though, american eagle is good stuff. It's my go to for 5.56 for sure.
  6. Federal Aluminum kicks ass

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  7. 0311

    0311 Member

    I don't re-load, so alum cased ammo is a no brainer for me. Shot a box through my 4595 last night with NO issues. Will be looking for it from now on. Hope to find other cal. soon. Wal*Mart around here only has the 45.
  8. tim

    tim Member

    I just bought a 1911 on Sat, stopped a WalMart & they only had 1 box of 45. Hoping to find at least another by Sat, I have 4 WM's within 10 miles. I have 6-8 box 's if 9mm & about that many of. 40. Hoping this 45 will cycle it ok or it may turn into a safe queen, I won't be able to afford to shoot it
  9. tjulian

    tjulian Member

    I just shot part of a box of the Federal aluminum yesterday, 21 rounds. I had a FTF in each of the first two mags. It was the second round each time. All I had to do was rack the slide to bring it up into the chamber and continue. I did not have any problem with the third mag. This was after shooting a full box of Blazzers without any problems.

    This is a new C9 that has had no adjustments done to it. I will buy more of the Federal to really give it a good test.
  10. cicpup

    cicpup Resident PITA Supporting Member

    Vague much? If it's a Kimber just put it in the safe now and save your ammo. Otherwise, details please.
  11. tim

    tim Member

    I could never afford a Kimber, could barley afford this one, ATI 1911 45. Read some good reviews, Hickok 45 does a video on it, going to try it out Sat. Ideally, I've wanted a 1911 in 9mm, probably a RIA, but that's down the road, I'm happy now just to get this one. I added a Wilson Combat hammer & trigger I had for my Colt 1911 22, but it's a long pad, looks odd, so I'll put another in it.

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  12. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    Nice pistol, if you have an academy sports in your area they have cheap 45 ACP.
  13. mellon

    mellon Member

    So the federal aluminum case feeds ok in hi points?. After hearing about tul ammo issuses ive stayed clear of anything not brass.
  14. Curious about this as well
  15. I hope they feed in my JHP, I bought a box of Federal aluminum case today for $16.
  16. Johnny_B_Goode

    Johnny_B_Goode Member

    I prefer Fiocchi or Aguila ammo. I shoot a 9mm so ammo is less expensive. The last ammo I bought was from Freedom Munitions. It was $200 for 1,000 rounds delivered to my door step. That is actually the most I have ever paid for 9mm ammo. In the past I have usually found 9mm for $160 or less per 1,000 rounds.

    I can usually find +P HP ammo for $25 per 50 rounds (Critical Duty). I got Federal 9BPLE for $16 recently. 9BPLE is an older bullet but it performs really well and is still in use today by many large police departments.
  17. After reading this post, and knowing my new handgun will also be a 9mm, I actually ordered 2,000 rounds from them. I also ordered some 12 gauge slugs since I got free shipping for being a new customer. :)
  18. ajole

    ajole Supporting Member

    NE Utah
    Some people have issues with steel cased ammo, especially in new guns that aren't broken in yet.

    Most don't have any issues, at all.

    Buy it, shoot it. If it doesn't work right, toss it in the storage, shoot something else for a few boxes, then get it out will work fine.;)
  19. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    The federal aluminum case feeds and fires perfectly in my carbines and in my XdM .45. For the price you can't beat it.
  20. Johnny_B_Goode

    Johnny_B_Goode Member

    I am not going to pay the same price as brass case ammo for aluminum case ammo. I didn't use an ammo search engine or wait for a bargain, I just checked one site and found GECO 230gr 45acp ammo for 16.87. I am not going to put much effort into finding 45 acp ammo.