CHEAP!! FUN!! Shooting.

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  1. Now how long has it been since you heard that?

    As a lot of you know, my wife has been ill for a number of months and I've been staying home to take care of her. She's doing better but I admit that "cabin fever" has been a slight problem. Although I suppose I could shoot a 22 off the front deck where I live, I don't, mostly so as not to bother the neighbors with the noise.

    A couple of months ago I was at Wally World and saw a Daisy 880 BB/Pelet gun. :idea: It was about $35.00 with a 4x scope. There was a box already open so I took the gun out and found that it was pretty much a full sized rifle. Light as a feather, but sized right for me, and I'm not a little guy.

    Thirty-five bucks for the gun. Less than four bucks a box for 500 .177 cal pellets. I already had a box of 5,000 BB's I'd had for years. I figured this thing would be a piece of junk, but it would be better than nothing.

    Well the scope is a piece of junk, which I expected, and it gets in the way of loading a pellet, so I gave up on that quick. I started off with paper targets and they got boring quick. So I reverted back to my childhood and scrounged some "tin" cans out of the trast. Forget aluminum soda/beer cans. Better than nothing but not much. Steel cans are what you want. They're hard enough to give off a solid WACK when hit by either a pellet or a BB, and offer enough resistance to really make the can hop when hit.

    And let me tell you this cheap "BB gun" will hit a can. It's not minute of angle accuracy, but I can hit a can a pretty good ways away. How far? I don't know. I toss the cans out and start walking them across the yard. They can get a fair distance away, maybe 15-20 yards at times. I've shot squirrels with a 22 closer anyway. When the cans get shot to pieces I replace them.

    I keep the rifle propped up by the door, and a can of pellets on the shelf next to it.

    Thirty-five bucks for the rifle, four bucks for 500 pellets. Shooting whenever I want to. Priceless. :lol:

    Sure you can spend a lot more money and get a serious air rifle. I may yet get one, but this thing is just fun. :wink:
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    Sounds like you are having fun rekindling a childhood flame. I wish I could remember what I did with my last air rifle. Anyway, good buy and have fun.

    Oh yeah, watch out for icycles!

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    Never got much into airguns myself. growing up on a farm meant i had my own regular guns from the age of 6 upward. airguns kinda lose thier luster after you start whacking coyotes with a .243.

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    Right on! Got that setup for my daughter to shoot. Lots of fun. She doesn't get the scope until she gets used to regular groups with iron sights. That is a rule in this family. Gotta learn basic marksmanship first.
  5. Sounds like a bunch of fun CB! I'd like to see some video of those cans bouncing around the place. :wink:
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    congrats on a fine weapon, lol. i've been eyeing the daisy red rider at walmart every time i've been in for the last month. at this point it's only a matter of when...
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    CajunBass: I do the same thing. We live just a ways outside of city limits and I can't really shoot my .22 but my daisy is fine for the plinking :lol:
    Cans are fun and even two liters are fun....but the most fun I have had is with some old eggs. They explode about 2 feet into the air (it's gets a little messy!)
  8. I had a Red Ryder that I kept in the rod locker of my bass boat when my kids were still "kids." We'd pull it out and shoot leavs, sticks, whatever kind of junk we saw floating in the river. I used to use it to harrass snakes, until I found out it would kill them DRT (Dead right there). Since I didn't have anything against the snakes, and they were just being snakes, I stopped shooting at them. I don't know how far that Red Ryder would shoot, but when I elevated it to about a 45, and fired it it would fling a BB a LONG way down the river. I'd guess several hundred yards. If the water was flat you could see the "dimple" when it hit.

    I was going to get another one when I got the 880, but I saw the 880 and thought about the 5,000 BB's and the 2,000 or so pellets I already had at home, and went with the one that will shoot both.
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    Hey, Even I have a Cheap Walmart Daisy multi pump. They are fun, quiet ANd $4.95 buys a lot of BBS's And 6.96 buys a fair amount of Pellets.

    Acurate and can kill small animals.

    I am wondering if we have the same model?? The aniversary edition around Xmas time???
  10. Yes, mine is a 35th anniversary edition I think. I got it after Christmas. I didn't think it would kill a fly until I started shooting cans with it. Then I saw it was blowing right through both sides of a steel can. I'm pretty sure I could wack a squirrel with it. It packs a punch.
  11. I remember my first bb gun was a Crossman 760 pump master. Many birds have met their creator from that gun. The stray cats ate good,... that is until I got them in my sights!!! I would like to buy another since they still sell them at walmart after 20 years!!