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    If you live in western or south central KY, Uncle Lee's in Greenville, KY is going out of business and currently has 20% off all firearms. I was there today and their inventory is getting low, but they said they still had lots of Hi Points. They still have all calibers in Hi Point pistols. They have .380's for $129.99, minus 20% leaving the out the door price at under $110. They also had 380 comps for either $129.99 or $139.99 (I forgot which) minus 20%. 9mm for $139.99 minus 20% leaving the out the door price under $120. 9mm, .40 or .45 with hard case for $149.99 minus 20% leaving the out the door price under $130.
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    This is just a heads up for locals and I know doesn't help many here on the forum, but Uncle Lee's in Greenville, KY is down to their last few days. What few guns they have left are now 40% off. Mosin Nagants for $89.99 + tax. Other than Mosin Nagants all they had left was about 10-20 .22 pistols, two .45's and probably 25-50 rifles and shotguns. Their regular ammo prices have always been on the high side, but they now have 50% off their regular ammo prices. I bought a case of .45ACP Blazer aluminum today at $11.00 a box. Everyone was stocking up on ammo, most people were buying between 10-50 boxes. If anyone is close by and wanting a Mosin Nagant here's your chance to get them cheap. As of about 1:00 this afternoon they still had about 80 Mosin Nagants. If anyone is going for ammo, good luck, it was leaving the store FAST when I left.

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    Man, now that is just my TOUGH LUCK!!
    I didn't get my shots, yet?
    And I just hate leaving my shoes at the bridge when I go into Kentucky, especially in the winter!!!
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    Macho your not married to your sister so you still can't go.
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    I'm in WKY right now working. :)
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    Don't follow the Banjo music!..... It ain't a picnic!

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    When I got married to #2 I got married by the judge in Franklin KY. On the marriage application we had to swear we weren't first cousins.

    What's a common thing to hear a 14yo in KY saying to her dad? "Get off me daddy, you're crushing my cigarettes!" :p
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    A confusing question for some:

    If your mother and father got divorced, would they still be brother and sister?

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