Cheap 'N' Easy One-Point Sling

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  1. bikeman

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    I know I'm probably not the first one to figure this out, but as far as an easy and cheap one-point sling goes, check this out.
    Just used the sling strap that came with the 995. Punched out the nut from the stock and put on the right side and then put the sling bolt on the left side. I just used one of the strap retainers and put both free ends of the sling through it. There ya go, the poor-man's one-point sling. Hope the pics are clear enough.
  2. That's easy enough even I could do it. I think I'll try that when I get home tonight. Thanks for the pics!

  3. bikeman

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    I haven't tried it yet, but I just thought of a way to keep it from slipping around, if needed. I haven't had any problems with it slipping while on zombie patrol around the house. But, you could use the other sling retainer along the strap and it would rest against the sling bolt and stop the strap from moving through the sling bolt; at least in one direction.
  4. My, my, my: this looks sweet! Range reports welcomed, but -- dang! -- if none are forthcoming, I'm going to give this a try!
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    Wow...I think even primal could do that and not screw it up! Now myself on the other hand...not so sure!
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    Range Report. I will be on the range Tues and Wed of next week running qaulifications for the dept. I will give her a proper testing. But, since the wife left I have the house all to myself and I have been running around with this thing and it seems solid. You can shoot from either shoulder (that's what I love about one-point slings) with ease. The dogs think I'm crazy as they follow me through the house clearing rooms, but we're zombie free. If you're right handed I recommend putting your left arm through the sling, so if you sling it back it won't interfere with your sidearm. Otherwise just drop it in front of you and both hands are free.
  7. deaconwagers

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    awesome. i'm definitely gonna try this before i buy a real single point.
  8. Postal4U

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    Any chance a pic could be included wearing a one point sling. Is it over your head and one arm, so when dropped like bikeman said, it would slide down the sling and end up under the left arm side.
  9. Bikeman Single Point Sling

    I just went to the basement and reworked my 995 following Bikeman's instructions. It works great!!! I'm a bit taller than average so a little longer strap would work better for me.
    Two thumbs up for the "Bikeman Sling Mod"!!!
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    I will get a pic, if deaconwagers' link did not do it for you. Same principle, just no quick release. Since I'm newly single, I don't have anyone to take the pic and I feel like a dork standing in front of the mirror.

    I was thinking some more on it and if you used both buckles (one on either side of the sling bolt) there would be no slipping. Also, if you got hold of a clasp (like on dog leashes) or a carabiner, this could easily hook on then you could have the quick release. Or just buy a quick release buckle and then sew the ends together. If you have an old bicycle helmet you don't want, cut the quick release buckles from it and use it. Whew! Getting past here is not so cheap and easy.

    I have been running around the house (the life of a single guy) and it has not slipped, at all. I don't think there will be a problem.

    I will have it at the range with me for the next 2 nights so I will run it through some tactical combat with metal and paper targets.

    Thanks for the comment pogy, glad you like the idea.
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    pretty cool I will have to give it a try-thanks
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    Okay, so like I said, I'm newly single (after 23 years) and I have way too much time on my hands.

    I just rumaged around the shop and found an old fanny pak (yes, I had one). I cut the buckles off and now I have a quick release (without sewing) and it is still cheap and easy.

    I will get the camera, tomorrow and take pictures.

    Death to fanny paks, long live the single-point sling! :lol:
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  14. Cruiser

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    Another good source of Fastex quick release buckles etc. School backbacks. You can find them for next to nothing at Garage and Rummage sales. I hve been known to grab a couple cut off all the "hardware" and bur the rest.
  15. bikeman

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    Great idea. We had multiple bike helmets laying around, but never thought about hitting the kids stockpile of backpacks.

    Okay, here are the pics I promised of the Cheap 'N' Easy One-Point Sling. Don't make fun of the photography. I had to use the timer and it is what it is.
    First, for Postal4U, here I am wearing the sling. No slipping under the arm. If you want it there just push it there.
    Next few are of the addition of the buckle from the fanny pak. I'll run it though it's course tonight at the range between officers qaulifying.
    Hope this makes sense. I tried to keep it Cheap 'N' Easy. Not one penny was spent on this modification.
  16. Postal4U

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    Ok, got it, thanks guys. It does go over the head like I was thinking. I priviously used a two point in a sling arms position, and flipped it around my shoulder to the firing position. But I can see that a single point would allow me quicker access to the right hand guns by just dropping the shoulder weapon.
  17. bikeman

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    Range Report. I was at the range running qaulifications for our officers. The first time I got it out I had several people wanting to know about it and I only got 10 rounds off. 7 of those was by someone else. I almost felt violated. Anyway, finally at about 0030 everyone was done for the night so I had 30 minutes to kill. I put about 100 rounds through the 995 and ran all over the place and tugged on the sling and changed shoulders, slung it to the rear, pulled it back, dropped it for weapon transitions and the strap was 100%. No problems, no breakage, no slippage. So, I totally endorse this idea, now. It is here to stay on my 995. Hope everyone who tries it has as much success with theirs.
  18. madmedic5

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    AWSOME idea bikeman, thanks I will be working on mie tonite=no cost cool Thanks for shareing a great tip