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    Looking for a cheap red dot scope to put on AR rifles I 'put out to pasture' to some of my customers. They spend $700 on an AR, then give me a Liberal cry when they can't get sights for under $100. Personally I recommend the Bushnell TSR, but thats ~$135.
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    Huh? On Amazon, the TRS-25 is $80.
    But....I got one that had a lens fall right out of it, the first trip to the range. you go: I have the cheaper more tubular version of this one, and I like it.

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    Tasco proline red dot. $33.00 walmart. You said cheap, Unless you look on Amazon, that’s about as good as cheap as it gets.
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    I just bought a Feyachi RDS-25 for 35.99, haven’t tried it yet but has over 1700 reviews at 4.75 stars.
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    thanks for the lead man, i'll check it out
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  10. Hey... I like the culinary reference!!
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    Bushnell TRS25 or TRS32 are some great "Trophy" lineup red dot scopes. I put a TRS32 on my 7.62x39 I built this year and got a deer with it, but this scope has been on a few other rifles I have, like a HP 4095TS(40 caliber), '65 WesternField 30-30, and also my first AR15(DPMS Oracle 5.56) I got back in 2011 and a couple built AR's for testing gun functions and accuracy before putting on other sights I wanted. It's always held POA once set up with no battery problems of contact on recoils.
    Sightmark 1x33 or their Holographic lineup.
    TruGlo makes some decent Red Dot.
    FireField from Amazon seems to get quite good ratings.

    Primary Arms/HoloSun(manufacturerers of PA lineup) are VERY good, but with their good results over the years, they seem to think they're Leupold in pricing anymore, but they are excellent scopes/sights with great CS when needed. I have a first model from years ago of HoloSun 403A(battery protected between scope and mount--sucks to replace), but with 50K battery life and shake to wake RD, water-proof and NV capable, it's still a great scope after almost 7yrs and battery still works, but it is a bedside AR it's on. I think I should change for a fresh battery after all this time, but wanted to see if the system really did work for battery life of sitting and using once in awhile.

    If one wants cheap, I would want to be looking at some "springer pellet gun" scopes that have the lens' glued/staked on both sides for more durable recoil abuses that make them hold up better to real gun recoils.
    Also, the internals of a "springer" gun scope is made more durable due to the harshness of a break-barrel springer.

    Surprisingly, this is where the lowly BSA Bug Buster model scopes shine for the price of about $100 and many times less depending on variable power.
    Also, Walmart Center Point scopes are quite good and they now have a Red Dot, but I don't know how good it is for around $50.
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    TRS25 on my Extar9. Didn't have it out for over a year. @26yds it was consistently pinging 8" steel.
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    @TNTRAILERTRASH The Pinty scopes are actually great for the price... I hate to admit it. I bought a couple of their "Pro" series:

    Got the one for $36.00 and the second for $19.99.

    Add stuff to cart then leave and they send you either a 10 or 15% discount code to complete your order lol. Free shipping over $30.

    Anyway liked them, put a decent amount of shots downrange, they held up pretty good. So far so good I guess.

    Anyway since they seemed to be holding up well I actually picked up my 3rd:

    I wanted a red dot to put on my WASR and it sits nice and low on the side rail mount. Haven't tried it but its due up pretty soon.

    One thing I will say, read the descriptions for each, so you can tell what they are rated for (aka 223, 308 etc) and some (not all) have lifetime warranties. Yeah they are very inexpensive scopes, but great beaters (time will tell).
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    They always pass the 704Tactical water bottle beating, and drop test.

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    Might need to get me one of those...
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    This I like, totally Ramsey lol
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    Yeah, not like I don't have the money, but I am a "thrifty" shopper!!! Especially when it's not one of the bigger names out there. I don't feel as bad getting screwed when its only $20-30 bucks, easier to chalk it off as shoulda known better. Still curious as to their longevity, time will definitely tell.

    I have a couple Firefield also from when they first started, they were waaay cheaper then. But they have taken abuse and had them for a good 4-5 years.

    Same with Bear Creek arsenal stuff, took a gamble on them way back when.

    I don't mind giving new pieces of equipment/new vendors a chance, only way to get known is for people to use em.

    I have my go-to rifles with my go-to optics like Kobra and Eotech but man I can't afford to do that every time!!! lol
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