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    So I know that you get what you pay for but, whos using cheap (and I mean cheap) red dots/scope. Im wanting something just for plinking. Im seeing some for less than $30 and im thinkin I want cheaper. All I ask is that nobody bash me for wanting a cheap sight. Whos using a CHEAP red dot or scope. Thanks!
  2. I'm using a Tasco red dot that I got at Walmart for $20 on clearance.

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    What is it that you're asking? Are you wanting links to sub-$30 optics which others here have been happy with?

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Yes. Sorry I should have been clearer.
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    If you want cheap go on eBay Amazon or find one you're willing to pay for and get it. The advantage of Walmart is its easy to return.
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    Quick hijack I went and picked up a new reflex sight for the tactical bunny blaster. It is a Sightmark Z series green dot 4 different reticles . Took the old reflex sight that has a scratch on it and moved it to the Ruger Mark 2 so the wife is a happy camper now and I really like the Sightmark. It also is a quick release mount so makes it easy to take off. Will need to check to see if it loses zero.
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    Today, I received one of the refurbished Bushnell RedDot scopes for $18.99 ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1417726737.988450.jpg

    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1417726778.059672.jpg

    I was not aware that Tasco and Bushnell were the same company. Then again, I haven't used many long arms for a while.
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    Where did you order it from?
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    It was $19.99 free shipping. Not $18.99. Sorry
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    I think I may have a winner. C'mon payday. Lol
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  13. A few days ago, FFS had a BSA Red Dot, normally $59.99, special price of $9.99, free shipping. I jumped on it. Why not...

    Who knows, maybe it'll be OK. For ten bucks I couldn't pass up the deal.
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    NE Utah
    At various times, Bushnell, Tasco,, Browning optics, Celestron, and Simmons have all been under one roof. But Bushnell and its holdings were all bought by MidOcean Partners, and then 2 years ago, ATK bought them all up.

    Bushnell Outdoor Products[5] is the parent company of these brands:

    Simmons Optics[6]
    Blackwater Gear[8]
    Bollé Performance Eyewear[9]
    Browning Sports Optics[10]
    Bushnell Golf[11]
    Butler Creek[12]
    Simmons Outdoor Corporation[6]
    Stoney Point[15]
    Uncle Mike’s[17]
    Uncle Mikes Law Enforcement[18]
    Bushnell also has licensing agreements with Bausch & Lomb and Browning Arms Company.
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    LINKS or it didn't happen :D
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    Of the three sights specifically mentioned in this thread, BSA, Tasco, and the Global Sportsman; do they all fit the upper rail on the 995TS without adaptors or grinding?
  18. My Tasco fit without modification, the other ones probably do also.
  19. planosteve

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    No issues with my tasco.