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    At work we use alot of cordless drills (dewalt) and they throw away the cases they come in. I asked to have them and can get as many as i need. Well i have found out they work great if you cut out the insides out. I have put foam inside and cut it out to fit pistols or ammo. Just something to think about.
  2. At my casino, I get empty cigar boxes from the liquor store for free. They used to throw them away, but now they save them for me and I share them with the rest of the guys in the pit. They are great storage boxes and they are made out of wood.

  3. CG-49, if I'd had more room in my vehicle coming back from Vegas, I'd have picked up a few of those boxes from you. The great thing about those things is they are modular and stack very well, thus saving ALOT of space. They are also very durable and work great for what you have them doing, in your BOB and Medi bags.
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    Oh dang. I always end up buying surplus ammo cans from the local gun shop for like $6. The .50cal ammo cans they do the job currently but they aren't free!
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    I try to get at least one steel ammo can every time I go to the gun shop (whichever one I'm at), and even have my girlfriend keeping eyes out for them. Alot of sources keep saying that the US military, along with others around the world, are moving from steel ammo cans to plastic ones. I can see the reason for this: Plastic is cheaper, lighter, more flexible and faster to produce.

    So, $6 a can and up might seem a bit steep, but once you replace the rubber seals and make sure the one you are using isn't bent up you won't find a more durable sealed box!
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    Treat them with a coat of Thompsons water sealer (or similar) inside and out for a significant amount of extra protection and improved durablity...
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    You can also get 1 gallon (and of course 5 gallon) buckets with lids at home improvement stores. The 1 gallons are a good size for many uses, stack nicely, and will not scratch surfaces or items placed inside.

    If you want metal, you can get quart and gallon paint cans with lids. Those seal really well and are very durable.
  8. Paint cans is what I was going to say as well, good choice.

    Also what I use for small screws and nails is those Kool-Aide containers with the screw on plastic lids... Those are great for small items.
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    A free (if you have cats), large, and water-tight container is the container the cat litter comes in.