Cheaper Oil!!

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    Here is a way to get cheaper oil

    Tell our farmers to stop growing so much corn and instead grow wheat
    Now talk to the Middle East oil countries and make a bargain for every 100 barrels of oil we'll trade them a bushel of wheat.

    If they don't like the plan tell them to go ahead and eat the oil they'll come around sooner or later :wink:
  2. Well it is too simple for the politicians to figure out. But I'd maybe agree to something like that. Another option that I'm in favor of. Tap the oil we have here in the US and stop exporting wheat altogether. The only thing I'd send them is gum...Fuggum!

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    If all of the farmers used electric equipment, that might be an option... but how will the farmer plow, sow, reap, and market the wheat without the use of imported oil?
    And don't say let the illegal migrant workers do it!!!
  4. The USA has enough oil in the ground to supply our needs for 100's of years. The illegals need to be deported permanently. I'd also implement my plan above and let the chips fall where they may.
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    We're not going to drill our oil to satisfy the wallets of the American peopl. That is our oil to keep us (gentiles/infidels) from becoming slaves to the middle east... when we buy all of their oil from them. When they run dry, we will be THE oil holders, and we will REMEMBER their games, their prices, and their crimes against the human race. I'm not licking the feet and being a slave of anyone! That is their goal, and they are willing to blow themselves up in the HOPES of killing others, being a martyr, and getting 72 virgins upon arrival in the after-life.
  6. whats really weird is that the #1 importers of oil to the u.s.a is canada and venezuala (or so i've read)...everyone is so ready to blame the arabs (i have done this also) that the real culprits which are the u.s. oil co.'s....get by with highway robbery. the whole while letting someone else take the heat for it.
    greed will destroy us.
  7. The problem with oil is that it is a world-wide market. We have contracts with countries like Canada and Venezuela, but we buy the oil at market price--whatever that is after speculators manipulate the market. But, oil is fungible (look it up--pretty simple really) and if we quit buying oil from Venezuela, for instance, and bid on Nigerian or Mexican oil, Venezuela is free to just sell it someplace else at the same price because that's what it's going for everywhere.

    BTW--I picked Venezuela on purpose because it's a special case. Venezuelan oil is pretty nasty stuff--it's hard to refine and US oil companies have built refineries just for it. If Venezuela boycotts us, they are going to have a hard time selling it elsewhere because other refineries won't be as efficient and will get fewer gallons per barrel than those built for it; they will have to discount the oil for other markets. A Venezuela -- US boycott will hurt them more than us since we can just buy from others. BUT---that instability in the market will drive the price up again.

    We need to switch to nuclear rather than oil and coal for electric power. Then we need to invest in oil shale and tar sands development here in North America (and drill where we can get oil within a few years {yes, I mean offshore and ANWR})

    Then we can look at people honestly and talk about lifestyle changes or TRUE alternatives to oil.

    ETA: Sorry for the long post--I had no idea I was being that verbose. Feel free to ignore the above and continue as always... :roll:
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    Where are the political discussion police on this one?
  9. I dunno, is this so much a political discussion or is it as I see it, a discussion of the direction the US is going to have to take in the future, no matter who is in office.

    And the sacrifices and changes we and future generations are going to have to make to keep our society going in something similar to what we now and expect it to stay at?
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    Here is the absolute solution to the oil crisis. Hopefully it becomes mass produced quickly as the gentleman who developed it has a patent on it and is working with a major auto manufacturer and the government to produce engines/vehicles.

  11. I'd seen that water engine a couple days ago. Sure seems like a promising new technology so let's get it done!
  12. well said NDS....i have heard we have the biggest shale oil deposit on earth in utah...just hard to extract. i also agree that we should develop other sources of energy for our vehicles, namely hydrogen. its the most abundant element on the planet and its clean. sad to say but currently there is just too much money in oil right now to make hydrogen production feasible. high oil prices is a problem that spreads out to affect everything else. sooner or later we are really going to start feeling the pinch. i will get off my soapbox now!!
    now back to your regularly scheduled program......
  13. i second this!
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    Not to diss anyones riff but coal is STILL the cheapest fuel for any kind of power generation and we have at present a 600 year supply in existing mines and coal beds. There is the possibility of another 1000 years worth of supply in unexplored areas. With current scrubber and CO2 capture technologies coal is still the most economically and enviromentally sound option. Not that i wouldnt donate 250 acres for free if they weanted to build a nuclear plant anywhere around me.

  15. I hope he is careful, if he threatens big oil, he may have an unfortunate accident or something :shock:
  16. I saw a VW Beatle in a parking lot today, maybe we ought to bring them back, they were not the perfect car, but they were cheap, anyone could afford one, and they got great gas mileage.

    Hybrids are nice, but there are a lot of people besides myself I am sure that cannot afford to jump into one.
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    I've seen this before, but something is not right about it. It takes more engery to break apart water than you get from the reaction of burning the gases, so such a vehicle would require an additional external energy source and would be very inefficient.
  18. I'm not sure what method this fellow is using to burn the water but I see it as a very promising way to research. Also agree with the due having an "accident" when big oil finds out if it is a feasible way to get energy.

    One thing is for sure. Any alternate source has to have the ability to produce power. If Americans can't tow or pull big loads it doesn't matter what the rest of the benefits are they will not embrace it. Clean coal technology is out there but no one wants to further the use of it, why I'm not sure. A nuclear powered car? Sounds to scary and I'm not sure Americans as a whole are intelligent enough to accept and use it. We'll see. I suspect huge leaps will be made in the next several years in energy production.
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    Maybe he can build a perpetual motion machine to supply the power... :roll:
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    Maybe we should just walk more. I have been. It's free and I've lost six pounds. I'm not even being sarcastic. People need to walk more. The oil companies can't knee-cap everybody.

    On a more 'hard science' bent, electric cars are a good idea, but most Americans (as they think now in our car-based culture) would reject them due to the fact the technology can 'only' take you two hundred miles on a charge. That's not 'road trip' capable. Also, there's the fact we'd need to build many more nuclear power plants to supply the electricity to charge them. Also, it takes about 13 years to build a modern technology nuclear power plant. I guess coal is a good idea if you like destroyed mountains, polluted streams and ground water, and acid rains (my home state of Kentucky apparently does).

    I expect that once gas hits 5 bucks or so a gallon and the citizenry actually starts changing their lifestyles and voting habits for real, the government will wise up and implement an FDR New Deal style program to create mass-transit infrastructure while revitalizing the economy.

    Until then, I'm keeping my walking shoes laced up tight.