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Cheaper than Dirt MOLLE bags/BOB suggestions.

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So I am putting together my BOB, and I am looking for something reasonably inexpensive, but rugged and durable with multiple accessory options. I have my old ALICE pack that I use for trail hiking, and was thinking of that, but I saw the MOLLE backpacks with the built-in hydration bladders on CheaperthanDirt.com and also at the last gun show I attended. The user reviews vary, anyone have suggestions?

I'm 5'10" 200lbs and athletic (I play socccer 3 days a week and hike often) I did the ENTIRE APP Trail 2 years ago!!
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I really like my vest for its ability to hold the basics and still be able to move, run, shoot, etc. For the rest of the larger gear (food, water, clothes, tent), I plan on using simply a tough duffle bag.

Here is the vest I am using:
I was also wondering about the packs on cheaperthandirt. I was looking at this one http://cheaperthandirt.com/MOLLE124-41648-1964.html
After shipping and handling, cheaperthandirt ain't cheaper than Academy or Sports Authority.
Have a look at this: http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?t=36508

Lots of good ideas if you read through them.

Hope that helps.
glad i found this thread because i'm also looking... is it better to use a duffel bag or backpack?
Ok I am going to put this one out and then the reasons.


It is set up to hold amour. Your going to have amour right?
It is molly so instead of making a fixed configuration vest work you change out the pouches for exactly what you need and nothing else.
It is fully adjustable.
It has a lifetime guarantee. If you plan to put a vest and equipment together and put it in the closet then fine how its made does not matter.
Train with it and camp with it and you will know pretty quick if it will hold up.
Pay a little more once and don't have to buy again.

What I do is common tasks have the pouches in their own tote.
One is medic
One is for the shotgun.
One is for rifleman
One is for gunner
One is for scout
and so on
When I am training I grab the tote for todays activity and I am ready to go. If a pouch fails I can get a new pouch with out replacing the vest.
The hydration pouch and radio pouch stay. but other then that in a few minutes I can change out the vest completly
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A 5 year 8 month resurrection. I think we have a new record.

After the shameless price gouging they pulled during the panic, you won't find too many people here that will support CTD.
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