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    I am not sure if this is the proper place to post this. If it is not please move it to where it belongs.

    On March 3rd I ordered a reloading setup from their website. On the 4th they charged my card and according to the website shipped my gear but did not send a tracking number. On the 6th about 10am I called to make sure it had shipped and they confirmed that it had shipped. Later on the 6th I received an email that told me it had not shipped and they would be crediting my card with the full amount. I called customer service again to see what was going on. The lady I got this time told me that the items I had ordered had been discontinued and out of stock about 2 months ago and that my card would be credited within "about a week of business hours".

    I think this is very bad business. If it has been out of stock for 2 months why is it still on their website? They have my money tied up for nearly 2 weeks for their screw up. Just in case someone is thinking about buying from them be sure and use the phone, that way maybe they can check to see if they still carry what they are advertising before they get your money.
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    CTD has gone way downhill in the last year. I dont order at all from them anymore. FWIW i order almost all my reloading stuff from


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    Grafs are very good people! I like them they are above and beyond when it comes to customer service!

    Also do not forget
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    I have ordered from Midwayusa and have stayed away from CTD. I didn't like the way they handled business, so they lost mine.

    As for the credit card thing, I would call your bank. CTD can easily credit your card back the amount if they had any customer support about them.

    Just call your bank and tell them that you have an unauthorized charge on the card and you need it reversed. I personally would consider what you are going through unauthorized seeing how they were trying to sell you an item they knew they had been out of stock of and DISCONTINUED for the last two months.

    Depending on who you bank with they will refund it almost immediately or at the most I have seen 48 hours.

    The other option would be get on the phone and harass the hell out of CTD until they credit your card back. Someone at that company has the power to do it.
  5. Last time I placed an order with CTD, early 07, I got hit with a big S&H charge that cost as much as the two mags I ordered. That was the last time I did any business with them.

    Now days I do all my online reloading business with MidwayUSA or Grafs and have never had any issues. MidwayUSA is a super fast shipper and their S&H charges are lower than some of the other big e-commerce sites.
  6. Check out Shipping is based on dollar amount. i was able to get my lee double cavity pistol mold for 23 bucks shipped.
  7. grafs, midway, natchez, etc. all better places to shop unless you can't find it elsewhere. Expensive shipping and poor customer service...

    I ordered some stuff from them a while back and didn't have any real trouble though.
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    Well the money is "magically" back in my bank this morning. 1 week after they billed it for an item they haven't carried in 2 months. I used to buy from them on a regular basis about 7-8 years ago but nevermore.