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  1. Krippp

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    i get emails from with their gun of the week every week and guess what it is this week.... that's right the Hi-Point .380

    "This beautiful Hi Point Firearm is produced by Hi-Point Firearms of Dayton, Ohio. The Hi Point firearm is a wonderful pistol, and the only thing better than this remarkable firearm is it's price. With the non-glare military black finish, this pistol has a tactical military look. This sleek model has a scratch resistant finish, durable design, and is light weight.

    Includes Hi-Point Tools
    Chambered in .380 Auto
    Barrel Length 3.5 Inches
    Overall Length 7.75 Inches
    Weight 31 Ounces (47 Ounces with Laser)
    Magazine Capacity 8 and 10 rounds
    Ultra Accurate Design
    Recoil Compensator
    Lock Breech & Trigger Safety Design
    Comes with Free Dual Lock Trigger Lock"

    and not priced to bad either at 133.95

    thought that it was cute to find a hp being praised on a glock site
  2. I got the same email from, the sites are operated by the same guy. What I found funny was my email called it a concealed carry 380. Not to mention, I never thought anybody would call these guns "sleek"

  3. andrew241

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    Nice to see it getting some good press.
  4. I knew I bought my CF380 for a reason!
  5. hmmm.... bet this has made those Glockers pretty ticked.... hehehe
  6. That's the .380 Comp model w/ Laser that they are talking about.
    I can't believe they said it had a tactical military look. And also calling it sleek & light weight too!!!
    They did get the barrel length wrong though, it should be 4"

    I guess that includes the C9 Comp also considering it is virtually the same gun.

    I sure would like to be a fly on the wall when all those Glock guys read that!!
  7. What happens if Hi Point turns into a fancy high dollar weapon from all of this good press?

    Will we have to "discover" another working mans weapon and start another forum?
  8. That's cool. Hipoints are becoming more propular all over these days, huh?
  9. Crud, I knew I should not have waited to by another Hi-Point... now all the "cool" kids are going to want them and I will have to pay out the nose for one. I might even have to shell out nearly $200 bucks!!

    Seriously though, I am glad that HP is getting some good press.
  10. BDW2084

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    Yea the one I am getting will round out about $200. The price on the gun is $169.99 (C9).
  11. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    that's a little over-optimistic about the good old Hi-Point CF-380, nothing wrong with it but it's not that great either lol.
  12. p7196

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    At least it wasn't being bashed to heck. The reviews seems to be running 50/50.
  13. I like my CF380.
    • Handles the same as my C9.
      Has a bit less recoil.
      Slide is easier to pull back.
      Ammo less likely to over-penetrate.
      Can be at home when I am out with the C9.
    But the biggest reason... [pant.pant.drool] I just had to have another Hi-Point![/pant.pant.drool] :whistle:
  14. p7196

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    Uhh I think it is a major addiction. Most of us do own more than one HP and some of us just go overboard. :doh:
  15. baldy

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    Anybody remember when Glocks first came out and they were widely trashed as plastic junk? I wouldn't expect any high praise from a Sig site, but if the HP is going to get props from anywhere I suppose it would be from Glock.
  16. JMano

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    At least they didn't use the word "sexy" anywhere in the promo. Also I didn't know the Hi Point trigger locks were actually a selling point. I believe they are really an intricate ploy perpetrated by members of the anti-gun community to keep us from actually being able to use our guns for anything other than a hammer.