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    This is great. Don't know if it was listed here before:
  2. Ari

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    I liked to have seen that

  3. Oh that's just plain funny!
  4. Love that one. Speaking of on-air ownage...




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    Sometimes, I agree with her....

    But seeing someone being taken down a notch or two, hey, thats life ;)
  6. More, more, these are too funny.
  7. Wasn't 'Elizabeth' in the control booth the producer? Isn't Nancy just the broadcaster? What makes Nancy think she's the producer? Well, maybe she is... if that's the case, then get your but in the coltrol booth and hire someone to read your scripts! When you try to be both... your crew revolts and you get what you see here... totally hilarious!
  8. hahaaa!! Thats great!
  9. Ok that is funny, I'm still laughing about it.