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    I found out the hard way. I got ready to go to work last night and I grabbed my trusty Mag light [2 D model] I turned it on to check out the light and noticed the bulb was very weak OK I will just change the batteries right? Nope I can't get the end cap off to pull out the old batteries even with 2 people and a set of channel lock plyers it is still stuck.

    REMEMBER every so often rub some vasoline on the threads so it will open when you really need to
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    I hope a battery didn't leak That would cause corrosion and make it very hard to open. Yes the aluminum can corrode it just doesnt rust. Had that happen to a mini mag.

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    Good info and a good thread!
    I had a similar thread in the old forum!
    And the batt corrosion happens even in the plastic flashlights as well, just a note! :)
    In plasitic lights, you can usually refurbish it by cleaning the metal contacts, and adding fresh batteries. Not a total do all and end all for plastic bodied flashlights.....
  4. I was doing my monthly check of my gear bag and came across my Maglight that the batteries had leaked . I was glad that it didn't do too much damage .
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    Unless electrolyte goes into micro switch.. then its FUBARED....

    Now I use only rechargeables they never leaked on me. Plus in Poland its almost impossible to buy brand name battery that was stored properly and will work when taken out freshly out of the blister. Don't know why all those Energizers, Duracells fail five minutes after turning flashlight on... Plus rechargeables are so cheap now you can buy 1 in the the price of normal battery. And for those who are afraid rechargeables loose their power over time, Ive heard there is new type of them on the market that can last for years not loosing more than 20% of their original power...
  6. Had a similar incident with my GHB flashlight a few years back, since then I check it each week when checking the fluids in the vehicle.
  7. I recently checked all of my lights. I had the first batter(first to go in) stick in my 4d light due to corrosion from a blown battery. I cleaned it out by attaching a dental pick to a ruler/dowel and scraping it along the inside. While I was at it I lubed EVERY o-ring and the threads.

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    Well nothing works to open it up i even went to my local garage and put it in the vise and tried it with channel locks again[ even one of the mechanics a big burly guy] couldn't open it so I saved the bulbLED] and the front end as well as the rubber switch cover [always losing them] for my next one I get.
    I am lucky about a year ago I picked up a blister pack of 5 Husky flashlights from Home Depot and had them around the house so i grabbed a 4 D job that was sitting in the kitchen and I can use it till I get me a new Mag [I will only use a Mag when I work if I can help it]
  9. I would say hit that thing w/ some wd-40 but it wouldn't make it past the seal :lol:

    Whats maglite's warranty for stuff like that?

    You also might try using a torch to heat it up a bit.

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    I used some liquid wrench on it last night and let i stand for a few hours but it was still a No go. I just threw it out and will get me a new one I've had that one for 6 years anyway
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    I learned that if you take the end cap off and reverse the last battery in the light, you won't have leakage problems and when you need the light just put it right and it will work. Also the when the kids find it and want to play with it and it doesn't work they put it back where they found it.