Checking In from Cali. with a new C9

Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by samwa351, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Want to begin with a hearty thanks for all insight found here, and good to know there is an unbiased source of knowledge.
    I was weened on Pop's service Colt 45 (USMC Master Gunnery Sargent-26 yrs) Having been familiar with 1911's I bought a Delta Elite soon after release in 1987. With an AMT 380 (SA) sidekick.

    I have already torn down the C9 without firing first to get a 'nice to know Ya'.
    Cleaned up some rough edges(not bad) on a few of the stamped pieces and found things a little dry.....
    What a difference, smooth little critter now. Also got three 10 rounders from Hi-Point and found one spring that had not made its way to the follower curving station, just 2 turns too long and a wide purchase causing some serious nose dive on bench ejections.
    Guess I'll get one coming on monday.
    Can We E-mail Hi-Point or is it only the local number for customer service?

    Thanks again for all Your time out there,
  2. Dagwood

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    Welcome Sam! I have never had to contact MoM, but I believe you have to call them. Someone will know for sure. Thanks for your service. There are alot of retired military people here. Like your signature.


    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    reported for owning a gun in Cali.

    JK, welcome! Hope you enjoy the HP and the site.
  4. MachoMelvin

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    WELCOME from the home state of Hi Point!

    I have always called them with anything urgent. I have left an e-mail request once or twice, took a couple of days for response?
  5. SWAGA

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    Welcome Sam!
    Owner of a .45 JHP and an AMT .380 here ;)
  6. Welcome to the forum! I'm also from commiefornia.

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    Welcome "Top" from North Carolina.
  8. Hermitt

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    Welcome to the addiction.....

    I'm sorry that you live in commiefornia. I moved my immediate family from there almost 4 years ago now and couldn't be happier. I don't earn as much as I once did, but what is money anyways when you are constantly stressed out? A kicked-back lifestyle is much preferable than money anyways..... :p
  9. Thanks to all, My Pop (no pun intended) Was the Leatherneck for 26 yrs. So I got raised right, God Bless His Soul & Mom's too. Out of shear respect I honor the credo of Semper Fi day in and Day out,
  10. Thanks Greg, I was born in Camp LeJeune 1956.
  11. Thanks Melvin,seems the .net site has an e-mail under 'contacts...the ,com site did not.

    Thanks again
  12. Hipointer

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    Hey Top, welcome to the site! Semper Fi! :)
  13. greg_r

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    Born in a shelterhalf at Camp Lejeune. Raised on c-rats and plastic spoons......... OOHRAH!!!

    Sorry, had to do it! Now I got an ear-worm!:D
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    Welcome aboard from a fellow Californian gun enthusiast, and son of a recently departed retired Vet.

    I'm in the IE, which puts me about fifty miles from you. I'll probably be at the Costa Mesa gun show on 8/16, let me know if you go and maybe we can meet up.