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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by gunlover, Jan 23, 2016.

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    What do you guys use to help with any cheek sting you get when shooting. I noticed everytime I've shot this gun I get it. I don't think my cheek actually rests on the cheek pad. That's part of the problem. Anyone else have this problem and have a fix for it?
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    I manned up and grew a beard. Obviously not an option for you, unless your fiance is in to that sort of thing....

    Some members have used mouse pads and contact cement to put a thicker pad on the stock, others have used that self-adhesive mole skin that people use to pad blisters.

  3. Zeroturner

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    Presumably, you're shooting a carbine?

    I've not experienced any sort of cheek sting.

    If you obtain a good weld, you shouldn't have any sort of problem.

    I've found the HP stock is designed such that you can get a good cheek weld.
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    Well if she was getting cheek sting from shooting a pistol, she's doing something seriously wrong... :eek:
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    Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. I wonder if one of those neoprene shell holder wraps would help....

    I don't get cheep slap/sting. I credit my manly jowls for that...:rolleyes:
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    When I actually put my cheek on the spot where the pad is on the stock I don't have a problem but that's not normally where my cheek falls. I actually have to think about putting my cheek there so I need something that goes farther back on the stock.
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    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1453585950.202402.jpg

    I put some paracord on the stock but I have to really make myself put my cheek there. I may have to think outside the box for something on the butt end of the stock.
  9. cicpup

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    I painted my pad with satin black and no more whisker yanking.
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    I use a forearm protector I bought at the Archery store. It works great and I like the look.

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    I've put paracord on about 2 inches of the folding stock on my AK, it works but I'm going to replace it with a leather work boot lace.
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    That's kinda like what I need. Thank you for the suggestion. I needed to see it.
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    The old HP Cheek Slap!
  14. rickm

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    Ive never had a problem with it so havent got a clue how to fix it
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    I'm so used to getting my cheeks slapped, I'm now immune :rofl:

    :eek: say it isn't so, Big Bro!!! :eek:

    He does look like HISTED :rofl:

    I never really noticed "cheek slap" but IDK if I had a beard when I
    shot it or what. The Paracord solution is pretty common, but most
    extend it to cover the whole cheek rest.

    I'd donate "moleskin" for my friends, but I cannot guarantee it
    will not grow hair! :eek: :D
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    Good grief! What a Pansy. :p Best just turn your face side ways before you pull the trigger. :rofl:
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    The one Moonz shows appears to just be a piece of Weather Stripping. I have some here in various widths and thicknesses. All Hardware stores and Lumberyards have it. Super cheap. Comes in thicknesses up to 1". Just go to the door and window weather stripping section.

    I use this stuff to seal around exterior doors and windows when ever needed. It sticks well and holds up to cold and heat.