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    What's up guys, new to this forum. Look here I'm trying to figure out how to remove the paint from the slide on my JHP 45. What chemicals do y'all think would help in removing the paint or would just sanding the sh#% out of it be better

    Thanks y'all. Going to try to figure this picture thing out also

    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1456886353.055984.jpg

    Grips. Krylon textured spray paint
    Joey trigger (thanks man)
    1911 mag mod.(thanks thingmiester)
    Polished feed ramp
    Mag safety delete
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    I saw a youtube video of a guy that sand papered the flats on the side and it actually looked pretty good. Not the whole side just the flat high spots.

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    It's not paint. It's Powder Coat. That means it's one of several different types of polymer coating. It was likely chosen because polymers are more resistant to chemical solvents.

    So, unless you can find a solvent which will soften and remove whichever polymer Hi Point chose to use (I have no idea which one), then you're stuck using a mechanical method.

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    I would think they refinish them in the factory somehow. Maybe sand or bead blast?
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    I did my slide the old fashioned way lol... It was A LOT of work. The problem is that there is also a good deal of upkeep you need to do to keep it looking good if you want a mirror finish. If you are looking for a brushed metal look, that will take less upkeep. As far as stripping the finish, might try an aircraft paint remover but might not work on powder coating. You will still need to sand it so that might be the best way to get rid of the original finish. I would just polish the barrel on your pistol, it looks great as is. The metal on the barrel keeps the polished finish much longer than the slide.
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    i haven't found one yet that works.
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