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  1. Anyone here play chess? I just realized I've been playing for five hours... so easy to get caught up.
  2. I used to a long time ago. Was number one in my city for my age group. I wasnt no grand master or anything... but I could hold my own.

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    God, I used to play chess a lot as a child. My grandfather is a mathematician and always sat down to play with me and he would break down everything into numbers. He would show that you could almost control what the players next move would be by what you moved, it was never perfect but seemed to work, gave you an educated guess on the next few moves I guess.

    I was pretty damn good as a kid. However I am sure I would be horrible at it now since its been at least 10 years since I played last.
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    i play chess although just for fun i dont get to play very often though.
  5. I like the game too. I don't get to play often enough though. I don't find that many people that play.
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    I love the game and the meaning behind it. I was fairly good when i was in middle school...
  7. It makes me feel like I'm not "wasting my time" as most computer games do lol. It's intellectual! I was a big up and comer in my area from age 5-12 or so... then I lost interest (got burned out). Started it up again for old time's sake.
  8. I used to play chess quite often until I had trouble finding others to play. Playing against the 'puter is not that enjoyable. Maybe someday I'll run into some one that will spark my interest again.

    Usually a bunch of people on, along with a whole ton of Grand Masters.
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    Rules in Warfare. What a hoot!
  11. When I was younger..... (I am an old fart now... this was maybe 10 years ago) I had a roommate that was a tournament player, played timed games and all that jazz.... I played this guy every day for 2 years and I FINALLY beat him in a kick arse game.... After that, I gave it up. I am a strageic thinker, I love the game, but I am so competitive that I almost gave myself a heart attack trying to beat this guy, but that's just me.
  12. I used to play a lot of things... chess, scrabble, yatzee, monopoly, etc.... but then my head started to hurt from thinking too much... combative strategy, spelling, math, business strategy, etc. Now I just like to shoot things and blow them up on video games. Racing games are fun too.
  13. I play all the time, its one of my favorite games