Chicago shootings

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  2. This is how the politically driven media is brainwashing the weak minded that weren't taught their own reality. "They only tell you what they want you to know."

    Wait.... Doesn't Chicago law ban guns? Shooting and gun murders in a gun free city? Criminals can still get guns? Say it ain't so. :rolleyes:

  3. Of course there are those that out and out lie for the media.

    People would be so much wiser to check facts before talking, or believing what they were told by the media, unless of course they desire to spread false information because they simply want to brainwash others for their own causes and agendas, knowing MOST people won't check facts.

    Now who wants to argue that "Security" in Congress doesn't carry?
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    Since the People's Republic of Chicago banned gun ownership, those bullets must be coming from outside the city limits. Some guy at 95th and Cicero in Oak Lawn or Elmwood Park is hitting targets miles away.
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    SC overturned Chicago's outright ban on guns. What the media doesn't tell you is that after the ban was lifted shootings went down in the city. The majority of these shootings are gang related and my guess is that at least some of the shooters would not be able to own a gun. I also doubt that many if any had a FOID card to purchase their gun legally.
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    I believe that urban shootings have become generally accepted. I live in St Louis County and if there is a shooting in the county, it is big news and rare. City shootings, especially North City shootings are fairly common and reporting is very basic and noone seems to care.

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  7. I have read that and logic dictates the outcome.

    I'm in total agreement.
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    The Chicago gun ban ended last year. They still ban Assault weapons and have a 10 mag capacity. Most of these Chicago shootings are gang related. It does not get any press because no one knows how to ban Gangs or to ban guns from Gangs, so it just isn't news worth for the Liberals.
  9. Look above. I just acknowledged that.