Chicago Thug Gets It, Another Shooting Analyzed

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  1. A group of Chicago thugs tried to rob an off duty police officer at gun point. Watch what happens:

  2. missiledefender

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    If only the "civilians" could carry there too, there'd be less of these things happening.

  3. Tchort

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    Hopefully now with conceal carry law passed, more people do start to carry.
  4. Outlaw

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    Anyone on here been to front sight besides me? Really cool place, but their sales center is quite one would imagine. Plus if you go between may and sept. it's hot as hell. Good vid. They have a few more at their website
  5. SWAGA

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    Looked like a revolver to me.
  6. I have been to Front Sight Firearm Training Institute three times. Took the Two-Day Handgun course twice and the Four-Day Rifle course once. It is good training. I would recommend every sane gun owner attend one of their courses.

    I can get you in at discount rates if anyone is interested. Do not pay full price if you decide to go.
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    NE Utah
    I got a kick out of the "genius" use of the left hand for his wallet.

    I carry my wallet in my left rear pocket. Always have. So, I'd have used my left as well.

    Guess I'm amazing.:rolleyes:
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    I am right handed and have always carried my wallet in my right hip pocket. I will now carry it in my left hip pocket as to free up my right hand. My how times have changed. I read a few months ago, that there were 123 fuel station robberies a day in the US. I don't want to be a statistic?
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    Never been to Frontsite, or Gunsite Academy, but would like the opportunity, especially Gunsite. Had a lot of training back in the late 70's early 80's that Gunsite was modeled after. Been to two seminars in the past decade about the same, but they were abbreviated, one day classroom and one day range. Lots to be learned.
  10. What I find funny about front sight's evaluation is that almost every tacticool school teaches Isosceles stance. And tacticool students will argue with old timers about it for hours. When in actual life, and death struggles we see a seasoned officer do just the opposite and use common sense.

    We also see him look for cover, and position. While it may be his first shooting this was not the first time this officer was in a sticky situation.
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    NE Utah
    I agree, WW. There's a huge difference between tactical and Self Defense.

    Anyone arguing all the tactics for one as the correct tactics for the other is simply arrogant.

    There are a few things that would work in both situations, of course.

    But other than, hopefully, a gun, there's no real similarity between an offensive operation on an environment with a few known elements and an objective, versus a WTF response to an attack, where the only objective is staying alive by whatever means available.

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    They can. Just going to spend way to much money just to enjoy your 2nd amendment right to bear arms. IIRC over $600 to get certified? Illernoisie folks help us out.

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    The gun organizations would do well to teach gun safety in Chicago, Milwaukee, LA to prescreened students. If the odds of dirtbags getting shot increased? Crime would go down. The stats prove it. And the dEmoncats might lose a few voters on single issues.